MOONLIGHT Inn [Taitung]

Enjoy a coffee or tea with an amazing view over the Taitung coast at this place outside Dulan village.

Moonlight Inn is a café in an old Japanese-built forestry-service building standing alone high on Mt. Dulan’s side, overlooking Dulan village and the Pacific. Beyond the premium coffees and light refreshments, there’s an art gallery and crafts shop focused on local talent, plus live weekend artistic performances. The second floor showcases the hit Taiwan film The Moon Also Rises, which was shot here. The café is higher up on the same pretty road as the Dulan Site, which though a bit steep is billed as a bicycle route.


Moonlight Inn (月光小棧)

Add: No. 20, Borough 46, Donghe Township, Taitung County

(台東縣東河鄉46鄰 20號)

Tel: (089) 530-012

Website: (Chinese)

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