10 REASONS Why You Should Visit Taiwan

Mountains, canyons, beaches and amazing food – this delightful island has it all. Get ready to embark on your Taiwan trip and explore this spectacular East Asian destination.

As a travel blogger, I many people ask me about my favorite destination. “So, which place on Earth did you like the most? Where should we go?”.  My answer is always the same: “Just visit Taiwan“.

And still people are surprised. They might have heard of Taiwan – but how could such a tiny island be anybody’s favorite place to go? Especially if you have hundreds or thousands more impressive choices?

It’s time that I show you why. This post is dedicated to my friends in Taiwan and all the people who are thinking about visiting Taiwan in the future.

So – get ready to book your ticket! It’s time to travel to Taiwan!


Just to be clear: you wouldn’t believe how many people have mistaken the location or the name of this little island. It often gets confused with Thailand.  Believe me, this place is really nothing like Taiwan!

Taiwan is an island in the Pacific Ocean located off the southeastern coast of China. It’s north of the Philippines. Well, just check the map above!


On your trip to Taiwan, you will most likely arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan’s main international airport. It’s located 40km southwest of Taipei. My favorite tool for searching flights to Taiwan is Skypicker.com.

Let’s get this started. Here is my list of all the fantastic tourist attractions and places to visit on the delightful island of Taiwan! 




Taiwan is incredibly green. No matter where you are, there is always a lush tropical forest around the corner.

The capital is surrounded by mountains with Yangmingshan National Park is situated just 12 kilometers from downtown Taipei.

The landscape changes dramatically across the island. Central Taiwan is dominated by impressive summits, while southern tip of Taiwan – Kenting – is famous for its sandy beaches.

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