Half a day in JIUFEN (Video)

Here is a video about the very popular tourist town Jiufen on the northeast coast of Taiwan. The center of attention is the Old Street, a long, narrow, partly covered pedestrian-only street lined with hundreds of eateries serving local specialties and shops selling all sorts of souvenirs. Among the must-tries are the hot sweat soups with taro and sweet potato balls, and red, green, and big beans. Among the historic sights in this small mountain-side town are the A-Mei Teahouse and Shengping Theater. Most tourist ply the old street only, but if you wander a bit through the back alleys you’ll be presented with a whole different side of Jiufen. If you have time and energy consider climbing the steep towering Mt. Jilong, just to the north of Jiufen. From there you can take in marvelous of Jiufen, Jinguashi, another interesting historic town, and the coastline with the harbor city Keelung in the far distance. If you stay until the late evening you might catch one of the breathtaking sunset skies Jiufen is known for.