Wanli Paragliding (Video)

If you want to go paragliding and look for the closest place to do so from Taipei, go to Wanli, which is on the north coast, between Keelung and Yehliu Geopark. The paragliding outfit there is Mustang Paragliding Club. We went there to check it out. The weather was perfect, the people there are very friendly, the operation is quite smooth and professional. Tandem flights are NT$1,600 and last about 4 minutes from the launch pad down to the beach at Green Bay. The views are fantastic and it always felt safe. The landing is on a soft sand beach and unless the pilot crashes into the hotel there, you won’t get hurt. 

If you want to go, visit www.0932926289.com. On the day you want to go call them and ask if they fly that day (depends on the weather). Then just show up.