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Lantern Festival Events

Taipei Lantern Festival

Yangmingshan Flower Festival

Taichung City Mazu International Festival

Shilin Residence Tulip Festival

Taiwan Lantern Festival In Tainan

Taiwan International Orchid Show

[2024] March 9 ~ 24 / Kaohsiung City

[2020] February 22 ~ March 8 / Kaohsiung City

Song-Jiang Battle Array in Neimen, Kaohsiung

Not much of tourist interest goes on in Kaohsiung’s quiet rural district of Neimen for most of the year, but there is one exception, the annual Song-Jiang Battle Array event. This week-long festival, a mix of religious rituals and sports-like competition, brings together groups of young performers from around Taiwan, who converge on Neimen to show off their troupe-array martial-arts skills and compete against each other. The festival is a fantastic spectacle, packed with exciting and at times highly acrobatic performances that are accompanied by the sound of drums and other traditional instruments.

Young performer during the 2019 event

[2024] March 14 ~ June 23 / Taipei City

[2022] March 18 ~ April 24, May 20 ~ June 19 / Taipei City

Calla Lily and Hydrangea Festival

The residents of Taipei are blessed for having a magnificent national park right at their doorstep. In less than an hour you can get from the city center to the breezy mountains and deep forests of Yangmingshan by public transport and find yourself embraced by pristine nature. Part of the park is an agricultural area named Zhuzihu, sitting in the shadows of towering Mt. Datun. During spring and early summer two types of flowers, in succession, draw droves of visitors up to the fields of the area. First to bloom is the pure-white calla lily, and later comes the hydrangea, sporting shades of purple, blue, and pink. Part of the Zhuzihu experience is picking calla lilies yourself and sitting down in one of the restaurants to enjoy healthful meals made with local produce.

Hydrangea flowers in Zhuzihu

[2024] March 17 / New Taipei City

[2019] March 17 / New Taipei City

New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon

This road race is different from the many other running events staged throughout the year in Taiwan in that it has been recognized as a Silver Label race by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). As such, the marathon has joined the ranks of elite road races around the world, and attracts a significant number of top marathon runners from abroad each year.
Wan Jin Shi Marathon:

[2024] March 23 ~ May 5 / Taipei City

[2022] March 26 ~ May 8 / Taipei City

Treasure Hill Light Festival

The Treasure Hill Light Festival is held annually from the last week in March to early May. Featured are 20-30 artworks and there is an opening-day market and related activities. In 2023, Treasure Hill will be seen as a theater with visitors being invited to become heroes. The way artworks will be displayed and how visitors will move about will differ from the festival format of the past, reshaping activities at Treasure Hill.

[2024] March 30 ~ May 12 / Yilan County

[2022] March 26 ~ May 8 / Yilan County

Yilan Green Expo

Yilan County, situated in the northeast corner of Taiwan, is known for its agriculture – mostly on the triangular-shaped Lanyang Plain – and its forest-covered mountain areas – encompassing most of its western and southern parts. It’s the perfect location for an exposition that highlights green tourism and protection of the natural environment. This expo is both an educational and fun affair, ideal for families with children, who will revel in adventurous activities such as ziplining, encounters with farm animals, and nature-themed DIY classes and games.

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