On the main highway in Dulan, this place serves up very nice Italian pizza, great after a day surfing in the Pacific!

Dulan’s highway-side Marino’s Kitchen/Dulan Diner is run by David Marino, an expat American and one-time DJ at Taipei-based ICRT, Taiwan’s sole English-language radio station. The kitchen is a bakery, known for its fine breads. We found the Pumpkin Walnut Quick Bread and Black Olive Pesto Bread most enticing – as in enticing repeat buys. Next door is the open-front Dulan Diner, run by his friendly sister-in-law, to whom he has passed on his kitchen knowledge regarding pizzas, pastas, and other good things, primarily Italian-American. The emphasis at both businesses is on handmade freshness and local ingredients. Be sure to try the zesty homemade tomato sauce/pesto combo on your pizza; we also much relished the textured au gratin dishes.

Contact Info

Marino’s Kitchen/Dulan Diner (馬利諾廚房/都蘭食堂)

Add: No. 436-3, Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County (台東縣東河鄉都蘭村436-3號)

Tel: (089) 531-848

FB: www.facebook.com/Marinos.Kitchen