Taipei Riverside Park Flower Carnival

Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival

Lantern Festival Events

Among the numerous Lantern Festival events staged each year, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is the largest in scale and the most important. Each year a different city or county serves as host, the honors going to Hsinchu City in 2021. The cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung have their own grand annual Lantern Festival events. For the 2020 edition, the venues in Taipei were the Ximending/North Gate area in the city’s west and the area around Nangang Station in the east. The Kaohsiung event has traditionally been staged on the banks of the Love River, with lanterns displayed beside the riverside paths popular with romance-seeking visitors throughout the year. The small town of Yanshui (old name: Yuejin), in Tainan City, is best known for its annual beehive fireworks festival. The Yuejin Lantern Festival, lesser known but equally attractive, is beautiful and much more peaceful. You can go on romantic walks through a park and marvel at colorful and beautifully shaped lanterns floating peacefully on the waters of the town’s river.

Taipei Lantern Festival

[2024] February 7 ~ March 13 / Taipei City

Yangmingshan Flower Festival

Website: www.ymsnp.gov.tw (Yangmingshan National Park)

[2024] February 13 ~ 26 / Miaoli City

Miaoli Bombing the Dragon

Website: miaolitravel.net (Miaoli Travel Net)

[2024] February 13 ~ May 18 / Taichung City

Taichung City Mazu International Festival

Websites: travel.taichung.gov.tw (Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau), www.dajiamazu.org.tw (
Zhenlan Temple, Chinese)

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Website: tour.ntpc.gov.tw (New Taipei City Travel)

[2024] February 22 ~ March 3 / Taipei City

Shilin Residence Tulip Festival

Website: www.travel.taipei/en/event-calendar/details/55136

[2024] February 23 & 24 / Tainan City

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

Website: twtainan.net/yanshuifireworks (Beehive Fireworks Festival)

[2024] February 24 ~ March 10 / Tainan City

Taiwan International Orchid Show

Website: tios.tw (Taiwan International Orchid Show)

[2024] February 24 ~ March 10 / Tainan City

Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan

Website: 2024taiwanlanternfestival.org

The Bombing Master Handan Celebration

Bombing Master Handan (photo courtesy of Taitung County Government)

Bombing Master Handan: taiwaneverything.cc/2019/07/05/bombing-master-handan