On our last trip to Penghu we went by this place and interviewed the friendly owner. We didn’t stay there but thought that this would be our top choice for our next trip. 

Located by the shore on the inland sea, with a splendid view of Magong City far across the bay, from a distance it looks like a bright sailboat making its way across the waters, large white mainsail billowing. The owner has paid meticulous attention to every detail in making her dream place reality, large and small.

Perhaps most indicative is how she spent years looking for the perfect plot of land, visiting places all around the main islands, in all seasons, at all times of the day and night. The result for you is a peaceful hideaway almost totally isolated – there’s a small dock area for oyster fishermen nearby, their oyster-bed frames clearly in view far “out to sea” – with full views of both sunrises and sunsets yet no sunlight spilling directly into rooms, shallow-water swimming from your own sandy beach, and full protection from the northern winds in winter.

(Rooms start at NT$3,800; breakfast included.)

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