Note: The order of appearance of the following festivals and events is according to the time of the year when they usually occur. Dates can change however over time. We try to update the info frequently, but some of it might be outdated. The year in the bracket […] indicates when the info was posted. Dates of the current year will be shown in RED.

Taichung City Mazu International Festival

Calla Lily And Hydrangea Festival

Treasure Hill Light Festival

Yilan Green Expo

Dapeng Bay Marine Festival

Baosheng Cultural Festival

Penghu International Fireworks Festival

[2022] May ~ June / Pingtung County

Pingtung Bluefin Cultural Tuna Festival

For lovers of fresh seafood, the fishing-harbor town of Donggang in Pingtung County is not to be missed. The season for bluefin tuna is April to June. During this time of the year, you can sample the best and freshest melt-in-your-mouth sashimi and enjoy a wide variety of cultural activities. Apart from tuna, Donggang is also famed for sakura prawns and oil fish roe. From the harbor, the mainland area of Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area can be reached by vehicle with a quick drive, and you can take a ferry to Little Liuqiu (Xiaoliuqiu) island, also part of the scenic area, which is known for its coral rock formations and sea turtles.

Website: (Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area)

[2022] May 6 ~ 15 / Taipei City

Taiwan International Documentary Festival


[2020] May 30 ~ September 30 New Taipei City

Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival

This is a very popular happening on a very popular beach on Taiwan’s Northeast Coast. The fine sand found at Fulong Beach is said to be perfect for creating sand castles, and that might explain why during each year’s festival incredibly large, life-like, intricate, and highly creative sand sculptures wow the crowds. Those concerned about strong sun exposure during daytime will be delighted to know that the sand sculptures can also be enjoyed in the evening, colorfully illuminated.
Website: (Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area)