Blue guestroom of Hao Ho Homestay

Hao Ho Homestay guestroom

We spent one night on Little Liuqiu, staying at the Hao Ho Homestay. The three-story guesthouse is on a narrow, quiet street in Little Liuqiu’s Baisha town, a short distance from the ferry dock. The friendly owner-couple keep their breezy, bright-colored place spic-and-span. Rooms accommodate 2 to 12; all are large, with simple yet tasteful furnishings. Most have an appealing wood theme, and each is named after a fruit, with a matching pastel painting scheme. You can simply rent a room, with a free breakfast, or opt for one of two great-value packages, priced per person; the one we chose gave me my room and breakfast, Donggang-Liuqiu-Donggang ferry ticket, 24H scooter rental, a ticket to scenic attractions, a guided tidal-zone eco-tour, and a BBQ dinner. (Rooms start at NT$2,500.)

Pink guestroom of Hao Ho Homestay

Guestroom of Hao Ho Homestay

Green guestroom of Hao Ho Homestay

Guestroom of Hao Ho Homestay

Ferry terminal of Baisha Tourist Harbor

Baisha Tourist Harbor

Tidal zone eco-tour with owner of Hao Ho Homestay

Tidal zone eco-tour

Sea urchin in tidal zone

Sea urchin in tidal zone



Hao Ho Homestay (好喝ㄟ民宿)

Tel: (08) 861-4148 / 0988-290-629

Add: No. 176 Zhongshan Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County (屏東縣琉球鄉中山路176號)

Website: (Chinese)


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