Grand Hotel Taipei

The Grand Hotel Taipei

Established in 1952 by Madam Chiang, Soong Mei-ling, the Grand Hotel is Taiwan’s first five-star hotel, standing midway up Yuanshan, nestled against Yangmingshan, overlooking Keelung River in the front, Songshan in the east and Tamsui in the west. The 14-story palace-like building, with its vermilion columns, gilded tiles and a magnificent, grandiose, regal and classic presence, is an embodiment of eastern aesthetics and one of Taipei’s representative landmarks.

East Tunnel of Grand Hotel Opened to Public for First Time in 50 Years

Situated on Mt. Jiantan in Taipei, the Grand Hotel is a 14-story palace-style building constructed in 1970. There are two underground tunnels, under its east wing and west wing, respectively, which were designed as emergency escape routes for President Chiang Kai-shek. After opening the West Tunnel earlier, receiving enthusiastic response by visitors, now, the 50-year-old East Tunnel has been opened to the public as well. It has a length of 67 meters with a curvy design meant to prevent chasing soldiers from shooting at the fleeing parties, and walls with an uneven surface to enhance sound absorption. Since only a limited number of visitors can be accommodated, the East Tunnel is only open to guests who come on corporate trips, attend state banquets, or opt for a special East Tunnel Room Package.

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Grand Hotel Taipei (圓山大飯店)
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