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TenRen’s TEA – the Best Gift Choice for Good Taiwan Tea

Ten Ren’s TEA provides a friendly environment for tourists where you can eat delicious food, drink good tea, and buy tasteful souvenirs. You can try natural and healthful tea dishes, and experience and buy high-quality Taiwanese tea.

Popular Recommendations

913 King’s Oolung Tea is made with the finest tea leaf from high-mountain tea areas in central Taiwan and high-quality American ginseng and ginseng leaf. When drinking the tea, you will not only enjoy the mellow taste of oolong, but also taste the nourishing sweetness of ginseng.

With orders of 5,000 cups in single day the 913 King’s Oolung Tea/Fresh Milk Tea set a new record in Taiwan. The tea not only allows you to taste high-mountain oolong tea, but also enjoy the sweet taste of ginseng.

Pearl Milk Tea is prepared by expert staff every day, the pearls being slowly cooked, re-simmered, and then showered to cool down; honey is added as flavor. The result after two hours of careful cooking is a smooth and soft pearl with fragrance and elasticity.

Taro Milk Green Tea has pure fresh milk and Taiwanese green tea as base. Carefully selected high-quality Taiwan taro, manually cut into bite-sized pieces that are easy to eat, is added. The heat is carefully controlled and after a long period of simmering, the taro becomes smooth without breaking apart. The flavorful taro is then paired with Tian Ren’s TEA’s exclusive honey-scented pearls.

Special Offer for Foreign Tourists!

Present your foreign passport and enjoy a 5% discount for a single purchase of more than NT$1,000 (not including special-price items).

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