CHIOU HWA Restaurant

Chiou Hwa Restaurant

Chiou Hwa Restaurant, inside Gloria Prince Hotel, serves Cantonese delicacies on Wedgewood dinnerware and ensures that its professional waiters satisfy customers in an elegant setting. The signature dish of CHIOU HWA is “Roasted Peking Duck”. The secret to this delicacy is the selection of fat ducks that weigh around 3.5kg, mainly raised in Yilan, for the colder weather there renders the ducks fat and their meat tender. The preparation begins with filling the inside of the duck with spices and seasonings, such as ginger, scallion, star anise, sugar and salt, then the duck is stitched up, blanched to tighten the skin, colored with maltose and red vinegar, and hung to dry for a night. Before it is removed from the oven, the duck is slowly and evenly basted with grease to make it translucent and lustrous. The pancakes, full of the aroma of wheat, complement perfectly with the crispy duck skin while the pickled ginger inside, our chef’s secret ingredient, delicately neutralizes the grease to make the taste refreshing.

Chiou Hwa Whole Duck Feast

Chiou Hwa Whole Duck Feast – One Duck, Nine Dishes for 4 Persons only NT$3,680+10%!
Availablity: Oct. 10, 21, 2021 ~ Mar. 31, 2022

Famous Taipei roast duck Restaurant Chiou Hwa now presents the Whole Duck Feast set meal for four persons. The feast, originally priced NT$4,760+10% is now available at just NT$3,680+10%.

The set meal includes the following dishes:
Marinaded Duck Wings Platter
Thai Style Assorted Salad
Fried Crispy King Oyster Mushroom in Duck Egg Yolk Paste
Sliced Duck in Pineapple Bun & Whole Wheat Wrap
Minced Water Chestnut and Duck Meat & Romaine Lettuce
Chopped Oven-roasted Duck Platter
Duck Eggs & Duck Bones Soup with Rice

Diners who participate in the restaurant’s Facebook check-in activity will in addition receive the signature dessert Handmade Duck Egg Yolk Pudding.
Let’s enjoy this sumptuous One Duck Nine Dishes feast!

Chiou Hwa Restaurant
Add: No. 369, Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City
(inside Gloria Prince Hotel)
Tel: +886-2-7721-6619
Fax: +886-2-2581-5811