Light Hostel

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Relaxed and Energizing Travel

Using a light and simple design and following the concept of self-service accommodation, Light Hostel gives international travelers a better experience of sharing and interaction. You’ll find an environment enjoyed by those who love independent travel. Let’s move about freely and lightly, but with great energy. When the morning sun lightly caresses your hair, reflecting perfect and clear patterns, it’s time to start your journey. Be like a summer flower, living proudly, or feel like a true traveler during a cool winter night. The way you want to be is your choice; travel independently in a new way!

Simple Travel, Fine Hostel

Slow down while traveling and experience everything with your heart! Light Hostel knows how tiresome traveling can be. Don’t want to be restricted all the time? Tired of never-changing check-in rules? Self-help is the solution! Follow your itinerary as you please. Travel really can be without limitations after all! Our three hostels all have unique features. But in all of them you will feel relaxed as if coming home. Each backpacker room conveniently has its own bathroom; no need to go to a bathroom outside.

Tainan Hostel (台南館)
Tel: (06) 224-0555
Add: No. 20, Lane 309, You’ai St., Central West District, Tainan City

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Chiayi Hostel (嘉義館)
Tel: (05) 224-0555
Add: No. 622, Guangcai St., West District, Chiayi City

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Hualien Hostel (花蓮館)
Tel: (03) 833-3838
Add: No. 11, Guomin 10th St., Hualien City

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