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Jingtong Firefly Watching

By TwelliMay 3, 2022July 14th, 2023No Comments

The Most Popular Spot in New Taipei City for Railway Fun and Firefly Viewing

Jingtong is the terminal station on the Pingxi Branch Line. It is also the station deepest in the mountains. Located on the high ground opposite the station is the Shidi Daxie Pit (Jingtong Coal Memorial Park), site of an abandoned coal mine. Each April to May, this place becomes Jingtong’s secret firefly viewing area. A century-old historical building next to the coal mine has been turned into a café (“Tanchang Café”). From high up you have great views of beautiful Jingtong village. In the late afternoon, explore the ruins of the mine; after sunset watch the tiny fireflies, a highly romantic scene when they gather in great numbers!

2022 Jingtong Firefly Season

When visiting during the firefly season, stroll along Jingtong’s Old Street area and taste delicious food early in the day; then go on a “Mine Treasure Hunt and Firefly Watching” tour in the afternoon and evening. The guided tour includes visits of Jingtong Railway Station, the Old Street, Japanese-style dormitories, and the old coal mine site. Other activities are “Jingtong Tree Restoration DIY,” firefly viewing at the Shidi Daxie Pit, and releasing of sky lanterns to pray for blessings. This is a tour with different experiences; a great way to get in touch with the ecological and cultural beauty of the century-old settlement of Jingtong.

Weekend tours: May 7, 8, 14, 15 (min. 20 participants)
Weekday tours: Make a reservation before May 13 (min. 10 participants)

BeClass system reservation: (Chinese)

“Jingtong 100 Creative Work Station”

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