Here is an overview of all railway stations in Taiwan, including, TRA, HSR (High Speed Rail) and smaller branch lines, with links to posts about the stations or places to visit in its vicinities as well as links to Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus lines.

This is not a complete list. We will update this post when new info and photos come available.


The stations are listed counter-clockwise, starting with Taipei in the north.


Taipei Main Station [HSR] | 台北車站 [高鐵]


Wanhua Station | 萬華車站

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Hidden Treasures in Taipei’s WANHUA DISTRICT



Banqiao Station [HSR] | 板橋車站 [高鐵]

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MRT Fuzhong Station (府中站)

Fuzhou Station | 浮洲車站

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Fuzhou Art Riverside Park | 浮洲藝術河濱公園

Banqiao Nanya Night Market I 板橋湳雅夜市

Shulin Station | 樹林車站

Singren Garden Night Market | 樹林 興仁花園夜市

Datong Mountain | 大同山

South Shulin Station | 南樹林車站

Lujiao Creek Wetlands | 鹿角溪人工溼地

Shanjia Station | 山佳車站

If you like hiking, from Shanjia you can take minor roads up to Mt. Dadong (405m) and then walk to Mt. Datong and from there down to Shulin Station.

More info about the station

Yingge Station | 鶯歌車站

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Along the Dahan River

Sanying Art Village | 三鶯藝術村

New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum | 新北市立鶯歌陶瓷博物館


Taoyuan Station | 桃園車站

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TAOYUAN City — Places to Visit

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Xiaowulai Route

Neili Station | 內壢車站

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Taoyuan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare | 衛生福利部桃園醫院

Taoyuan HSR | 桃園高鐵站

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Gloria Outlets

Connect to Taoyuan Airport MRT

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Daxi Express

Zhongli Station | 中壢車站

Xinshi Park | 新勢公園

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Shihmen Reservoir Route

Puxin Station | 埔心車站

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Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry | 郭元益糕餅博物館

Puxin Night Market | 埔心夜市

Puxin Ranch | 埔心牧場

Yangmei Station | 楊梅車站

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Yangmei Guishan Park | 楊梅區貴山公園

Yangmei Bald Cypress Trees | 楊梅落羽松秘境

Furen Hiking Trail | 福人步道

Fugang Station | 富岡車站

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Fugang Old Street | 富岡老街

Xinfu Station | 新富車站

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Beihu Station | 北湖車站

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China University of Technology , Hsinchu campus | 中國科技大學新竹校區

Hukou Station | 湖口 車站

Hukou Old Street (湖口老街)

Hukou Hakka Creative Park | 湖口好客文創園區

Xinfeng Station | 新豐車站

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Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park | 小叮噹科學主題樂園

Minghsin University of Science and Technology | 明新科技大學

Zhubei Station | 竹北車站

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Zhubei City

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Lions Head Mountain Route

Zhubei Night Market | 竹北夜市

Hsinchu HSR | 新竹高鐵站

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New Tile House Hakka Cultural District | 新瓦屋客家文化保存區

Xinpu Village (dried persimmon) | 新埔

Liujia Station | 六家車站

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Connection to Hsinchu HSR Station and Neiwan Line


The NEIWAN Branch LINE in Hsinchu County

Neiwan Branch Line

North Hsinchu Station | 北新竹車站

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National Tsing Hua University | 國立清華大學

Qianjia | 千甲車站

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Xinzhuang | 新莊車站

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Zhuzhong Station | 竹中車站

Zhuzhong Night Market | 竹中夜市

Transfer to Liujia Station/HSR Hsinchu Station

Shangyuan Station | 上員車站

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Ronghua Station | 榮華車站

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Zhudong Ecological Riverside Park | 竹東生態河濱公園

Zhudong Station | 竹東車站

A Hakka Country Living Museum

Hsiao Ju Sun Arts Park | 蕭如松藝術園區

Zhudong Forestry Museum | 竹東林業展示館

Zhudong Station

Beipu Old Street 北埔老街

Beipu Township has a largely Hakka population. Many century-old buildings can be seen around the Old Street area with some of the old residences being periodically opened to visitors. Shops offer various authentic Hakka foods and visitors also have the chance to make traditional Hakka lei tea (pounded tea) to suit their own taste. Many of the shops also sell lei tea powder that you can use to make this nourishing drink yourself.

Location: Beipu St., Beipu Township, Hsinchu County

Hengshan Station | 橫山車站

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Little Cowboy Leisure Farm | 小牛仔休閒園區

Jiuzantou Station | 九讚頭車站

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Hexing Station | 合興車站

Hexing Station

Fugui Station | 富貴車站

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Remnants of Jienfeng Coal Mine | 建豐煤礦坑遺址

Neiwan Station | 內灣車站

Neiwan Station

Neiwan Old Street 內灣老街

History, nature, and unique street food converge wonderfully on the Neiwan Old Street. Come and enjoy life’s pleasure in Neiwan as you savor tasty ginger lily sticky rice dumplings and purple steamed vegetable buns while gazing at blooming tung trees. At nightfall, you can take a trip into the woods and catch precious fireflies glinting in the darkness. Historic Neiwan Police Station has been used as set for numerous films and TV series. Brother A-San and Big Aunty, characters created by famed comic artist Liu Hsin-chin, are the funny local icons.

Location: Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County

Hsinchu Station | 新竹車站

HSINCHU County — Places to Visit


Hsinchu Chenghuang Temple | 新竹城隍廟

Majestic and awe-inspiring, Chenghuang Temple in Hsinchu is the largest and most prestigious city god temple in Taiwan. The deities in the temple, including General Feng and General Xie – divine administrative magistrate and punitive magistrate, respectively – and the four guards in service of them are brought to life with brilliantly emblazoned sculptures. Meanwhile, the marketplace outside the temple offers the best-known specialty foods in Hsinchu, such as vermicelli, meat balls, and bawan, a fried gelatinous meat dumpling.

Add: No. 75, Zhongshan Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City

Glass Museum of Hsinchu City | 新竹玻璃工藝博物館

The Glass Museum of Hsinchu City, located in the northeast corner of Hsinchu Park, was opened officially in 1999. The museum is a fusion of Mediterranean villa architecture design and elegant Eastern style furnishing, with a whimsical, head-turning glass castle erected in the plaza. Together with exhibits of glass artistry, the museum offers all-encompassing artistic enjoyment both inside and outside. Besides displaying glass artifacts, the museum also offers DIY activities allowing visitors to create their own glass works.

Add: No. 2, Sec.1, Dongda Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City

Hsinchu Zoo | 新竹市立動物園

Hsinchu Zoo, established in 1936, is Taiwan’s oldest zoo to continuously operate at the same place. The zoo went under reconstruction and was reopened in December 2019. Located inside Hsinchu Park in Hsinchu City’s East District, the zoo covers an area of about 2.7ha. Receiving 400,000 visitors a year, the zoo serves environmental education purposes and is also a place for recreation. It holds a special place in the memories of the locals.

Add: No. 66, Shipin Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City

Yingximen | 竹塹城迎曦門

Sanxingqiao Station | 三姓橋車站

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Spring Pool Tourism Factory | 春池綠能玻璃觀光工廠

19 Hectares Grassland | 青青草原

Xiangshan Station | 香山車站


Xiangshan District


Qiding Station | 崎頂車站


Zhunan Station | 竹南車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Nanzhuang Route

Longfeng Fishing Harbor | 龍鳳漁港


MIAOLI COAST Railway Trip — Quiet and Peaceful

Tanwen Station | 談文車站

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Dashan Station | 大山車站

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Houlong Station | 後龍車站

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Houlong Night Market | 後龍夜市

Longgang Station | 龍港車站

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Gongsiliao Fishing Harbor | 後龍公司寮漁港

Baishatun Station | 白沙屯車站


Baishatun Gongtian Temple | 白沙屯拱天宮

Xinpu Station | 新埔車站


Tongxiao Station | 通霄車站


Tongxiao Beach | 通霄海水浴場

Tongxiao Shrine | 通霄神社

Yuanli Station | 苑裡車站

Yuanli 1

Yuanli 2

Yuanli Old Street | 苑裡老街

Yuanli Night Market | 苑裡夜市

Reed Cultural Museum | 藺草文化館


Rinan Station | 日南車站


Dajia Station | 大甲車站

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Heritage Culture – Old Dajia Town


Dajia Jenn Lann Temple | 大甲鎮瀾宮

Dajia [2022]

Dajia Zhenlan Temple

Taichung Port Station | 台中港車站

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Taichung Port

Eco-Exploring – Gaomei Wetlands

Fresh Catch & Harbor Tours – Wuqi Fishing Harbor

Qingshui Station | 清水車站

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Looks Into the Past – Qingshui District

Wuqi and Qingshui [2022]

Gaomei Wetland | 高美濕地

Gaomei Wetland, located to the south of the Dajia River estuary, is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures, covering an area of about 700 hectares. Research shows that animals here include birds, fish, crabs, and invertebrates. Every year around fall and winter, large flocks of migrating birds come here for either short or long stays over the winter, the location serving as a perfect spot for bird-watching. Location: Meiti St., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City

Shalu Station | 沙鹿車站

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Old Meets Cultural-Creative New – Shalu District

Longjing Station | 龍井車站

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Lishui Fishing Harbor | 麗水漁港

Dadu Station | 大肚車站

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Huangxi Academy | 磺溪書院

Zhuifen Station | 追分車站




Zaoqiao Station | 造橋車站

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SHANGRILA Paradise Theme Park in MIAOLI

Zaoqiao Charcoal Museum

Fengfu Station | 豐富車站

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Connection to Miaoli HSR Station

Miaoli HSR Station | 苗栗高鐵站

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Miaoli HSR Station | 苗栗

Miaoli Hakka Round House | 苗栗客家圓樓

Miaoli Station | 苗栗車站

Things to Do in MIAOLI COUNTY

Nanshi Station | 南勢車站

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Old Tongluo Tunnel | 舊銅鑼隧道

Jinlong Kiln | 金龍窯

Tongluo Station | 銅鑼車站

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Tongluo, Miaoli (苗栗銅鑼)

Hakka Courtyard | 姜太公中部道場(客家大院)

Sanyi Station | 三義車站

Sanyi, Miaoli (苗栗三義)

SANYI: History and Hakka Culture in Miaoli

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum | 三義木雕博物館

In the early years, religious statues and handicrafts dominated the wood carving output in Sanyi. Recently, however, the industry has shifted to more personalized works of art with a steady stream of creative innovations on various themes. The Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum puts a well-deserved spotlight on traditional Taiwanese woodcarving artistry and aims to let the art form shine on the international stage. The museum’s architecture juxtaposes vertical construction design with horizontal wall coverings of wooden planks whose natural wood grain patterns are accentuated to echo with the museum’s homage to woodcarving art.

Add: No. 88, Guangsheng Xincheng, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County

Shengxing Station | 勝興車站

Shengxing Railway Station (勝興車站)

Driving and Rail-Biking Through MIAOLI/HSINCHU

See You in Sanyi! [2022]

Shengxing Railway Station | 勝興車站

A historic site of third grade Shengxing Railway Station shows the construction wizardry of the past. Completely clad in wood, not a single nail was used on the girders. Longteng Bridge, located not far from the station, was built with geopolymers ingeniously mixed with sticky rice to reinforce durability. A calamitous earthquake destroyed most of the bridge, and what remained after the quake are two great piers that tincture the landscape with beautiful decay.

Add: No. 88, Shengxing, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County


Tai’an Station | 泰安車站

Tai’an Railway Cultural Park | 泰安鐵道文化園區

Tai’an Bald Cypress | 泰安羽粼落羽松

Houli Station | 后里車站

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The 2018 TAICHUNG FLORA EXPO and Other Flower Events in Taiwan

LIHPAO LAND Theme Park in Taichung

Shu-Sheug Leisure Domaine

Houli Horse Ranch | 后里馬場

Houfeng Bikeway | 后豐鐵馬道

Fengyuan Station | 豐原車站

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Huludun Park | 葫蘆墩公園

Taiwan Balloon Museum | 台灣氣球博物館

Dongfeng Green Corridor | 東豐綠廊 / Houfeng Bikeway | 后豐鐵馬道

Dongfeng Green Corridor in Dongshi was the first bicycle path in Taiwan built on an old railway line. It stretches about 12 kilometers, linking the towns of Fengyuan and Dongshi. The tree-lined bicycle path resembles a beautiful green tunnel. The route passes attractions such as Shigang Dam, Shigang Railway Station, and Meizi Iron Bridge. At the start of the bicycle path and at Shigang Dam you will find bike rental operations.

The start point of Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway links with Houfeng Bikeway. Stretching 4.4 kilometers from Fengyuan to Houli, Houfeng Bikeway follows the route of an old railway line as well. Along the way, attractions include an old iron bridge across the Dajia River and the No. 9 Tunnel. Combined, the two bicycle paths form the most popular cycling route in central Taiwan. Each bicycle path has its own characteristics and offers riders different experiences as they pedal along with the wind in their hair.

Locations: Shigang and Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City

Lilin Station | 栗林車站

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Tanya Shen Green Bikeway | 潭雅神綠園道

Zhaixing Villa | 摘星山莊

Tanzi Station | 潭子車站

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A Day in DAYA

Toujiacuo Station | 頭家厝火車站

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Songzhu Station | 松竹車站

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Folklore Park | 臺灣民俗文物館

Nanxing Park (Mickey Mouse Tree) | 南興公園

Taiyuan Station | 太原車站

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Taichung Military Dependant’s Vilalge Museum | 臺中市眷村文物館

Jingwu Station | 精武車站

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Taichung Broadcasting Bureau | 歷史建築臺中放送局

Taichung Station | 台中車站

Countryside Districts of TAICHUNG CITY

Taichung’s Cafés and Restaurants


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Taichung Fashion City Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Sun Moon Lake Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Xitou Route

Taichung Park | 臺中公園

Taichung Office of Teikoku Sugar Factory | 帝國製糖廠台中營業所

Miyahara | 宮原眼科

Situated close to Taichung Railway Station, Miyahara is a red-brick building built in 1927 by Miyahara Takeo, a Japanese ophthalmology doctor. After the end of Japan’s colonial period in 1945, Miyahara became the temporary home to the Taichung Health Bureau. As time passed by the building fell into disrepair. Fortunately, a pastry company renowned for its pineapple cakes, acquired the building and preserved Miyahara’s original red-brick walls and archway. Visitors to Miyahara are not only recommended to appreciate the details of the historic architecture but also try ice cream, bubble tea and pastries.

Add: No. 20, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City

National Taichung Theater | 國家歌劇院

The National Taichung Theater was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Based on a “sound cave” concept, elements such as curved-wall units and air holes were used to build this beautiful theater. The result is a newfound building that stands on its own firmly without supporting pillars or 90-degree walls. The architecture of the National Taichung Theater is a work of art. The theater’s performing venues and garden are unique, too. It is worth paying a visit here for an artistic feast, from the inside out!

Add: No. 101, Sec. 2, Huilai Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City
Open: Sun.-Thur. 11:30-21:00 / Fri.-Sat. 11:30-22:00

Shen Ji New Village | 審計新村

Shen Ji New Village is a dorm compound built by the Taiwan Provincial Government nearly half a century ago to accommodate employees of the auditing office. As the government restructured, the dorms were left unused for years. With the government’s revitalization plans, the historic village was transformed into a lively and innovative base for young entrepreneurs to start their businesses. With new dwellers, Shen Ji New Village now thrives as a cultural and creative center attracting visitors to its cluster of distinctive shops and studios. From time to time a creative market is held on weekends.

Add: Ln. 368, Minsheng Rd., West Dist., Taichung City

Wuquan Station | 五權車站

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National Chung Hsing University | 國立中興大學

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts | 國立臺灣美術館

Art Museum Parkway | 美術園道

Located between two long thoroughfares in the heart of Taichung City, the Art Museum Parkway is a long strip of lush parkland nestled under dense canopies of trees, with thickets of shrubs and bushes spread over a green expanse. A collection of art installations are strewn here and there, adding a distinct artistic flair to the park. It is a popular wedding photography location for its romantic and artsy feel. On weekends, the place becomes lively with street art performers, creative marketplace, and other interesting events.
Location: Wuquan W. 2nd St., West Dist., Taichung City

Daqing Station | 大慶車站

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Sun Moon Lake Route

Fongle Sculpture Park | 豐樂雕塑公園

Mutou Wood Workshop | 老樹根木工坊

Wuri Station | 烏日車站

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Xinwuri Station | 新烏日車站

Connection to Taichung HSR Station

Taichung HSR Station | 台中高鐵站

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Sun Moon Lake Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Xitou Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Lukang Route

Chenggong Station | 成功車站

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Rainbow Village | 彩虹眷村

Rainbow Village is located at Lane 56, Chun’an Road, Nantun District, Taichung City. Grandpa Huang Yuan-fu, a resident of the village for over 30 years, spent two years transforming the simple community into an exotic art creation filled with colorful rainbows, bold figures, and exuberant folksy patterns that blast an explosion of vivid colors. Words of well wishes and blessings are interpolated onto the canvas to bring felicity and auspiciousness to the visitor.

Add: Ln. 56, Chun’an Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City


5 Things to Do in LUGANG

Changhua Station | 彰化車站


Changhua Roundhouse | 彰化扇形車庫

Baguashan Scenic Area | 八卦山大佛風景區

Bagua Mountain is Changhua’s most famous tourist attraction. Once a battlefield, the mountain later became a hot-spring area, and is now known for historic monuments and the Great Buddha statue. Jiulong Pond Plaza, right in front of the statue, provides a birds-eye-view of the Changhua Plain. Other attractions include the Literary Hiking Trail, Bagua Mountain Silver Bridge, and Lai He Poetry Wall. Walking the Bagua Mountain Skywalk is another great way of experiencing this scenic area.

Add: No. 31, Wenquan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County

Huatan Station | 花壇車站

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Dacun Station | 大村車站

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Yuanlin Station | 員林車站

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Yongjing Station | 永靖車站

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Shetou Station | 社頭車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

This is the nearest station to the Tianwei area, known for flower and plant nurseries.
Read more about Tianwei here: Pretty Tianwei

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Qingshuiyan Route

Changhua HSR | 彰化高鐵站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Qingshuiyan Route
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Southern Changhua Route

Tianzhong Station | 田中車站

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Qingshuiyan Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Southern Changhua Route

Ershui Station | 二水車站


“Ershui Turkey Rice”



Let’s Ride the JIJI LINE in Central Taiwan!

Yuanquan Station | 源泉車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Mr Lin Temple

Zhuoshui Station | 濁水車站

[Wikipedia Commons]


Longquan Station | 龍泉車站

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Jiji Green Tunnel | 集集綠色隧道

Jiji Station | 集集車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Dongpu Route

Mingxin Academy | 明新書院

Jiji Wuchang Temple | 集集武昌宮


Jiji (2022)

Jiji Township | 集集鎮

Few things can lighten the spirits like a leisurely bicycle ride along the shady Jiji Green Tunnel. The Jiji railway line and beautiful farmland accompany you along the way; and the ever-changing tapestry of Jiji Township’s scenic charms unfold as you pedal along, showing you why this area is one of Taiwan’s premier visitor destinations. Jiji’s allures are multidimensional, from its historic railway station to natural landscape, local cuisine to specialty items.

Location: Jiji Township, Nantou County

Shuili Station | 水里車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Dongpu Route


Shuili Snake Kiln | 水里蛇窯陶藝文化園區

Shuili (2022)

Checheng Station | 車埕車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Checheng Route


Checheng (2022)


Flatlands and Wetlands in YUNLIN COUNTY

Linnei Station | 林內車站

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Longguomai Forest Trail | 龍過脈森林步道

Shiliu Station | 石榴車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Douliu Station | 斗六車站

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Douliu Gukeng Shuttle Bus

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Beigang Huwei Shuttle Bus

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yunlin Caoling Route

Yunlin HSR | 雲林高鐵站

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Beigang Huwei Shuttle Bus

Dounan Station | 斗南車站

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Janfusun Fancyworld | 劍湖山世界主題樂園

Shigui Station | 石龜車站

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Dalin Station | 大林車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

DALIN, a Sleepy Town in Southern Taiwan

Minxiong Station | 民雄車站

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Southern Branch of the NPM Route

Rural Taiwan: Minxiong in CHIAYI County

Chiayi Performing Arts Center | 嘉義縣表演藝術中心

Three Little Pigs Leisure Farm | 三隻小豬觀光農場

Chiayi Winery Wine Museum | 嘉義酒廠酒類文物館

Jiabei Station | 嘉北車站

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Shell-Ginger Story House | 月桃故事館

Chiayi Station (30m) | 嘉義車站

Chiayi City

Places to stay close to Chiayi Station

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Route 66 Guanglinwojia Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Southern Branch of the NPM Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route B

Things to Do in CHIAYI COUNTY

Old Neighborhoods in CHIAYI

Chiayi City

Light Hostel

Light Hostel



The ALISHAN and KENTING National Forest Recreation Areas

Beimen Station (31m) | 北門車站

Hinoki Village | 檜意森活村

Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park | 阿里山森林鐵路車庫園區

Chiayi Old Prison | 嘉義舊監獄

Lumachan Station (82m) | 鹿麻產車站

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Lu Man Ma Chi Pu Culture and Creative Park | 竹崎鹿滿客家文化創意園區

Zhuqi Station (127m) | 竹崎車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Zhuqi Park Sky Walk | 竹崎公園天空走廊

Mululiao Station (324m) | 木履寮車站

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Zhangnaoliao Station (543m) | 樟腦寮車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Dulishan Station (743m) | 獨立山車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Liyuanliao Station (904m) | 梨園寮車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Jiaoliping Station (997m) | 交力坪車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Yuntan Waterfall

Xiangshan Waterfall | 向山瀑布

Swallow Cliff | 燕子崖

Shuisheliao Station (1,186m) | 水社寮車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Fenqihu Station (1,403m) | 奮起湖車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route A

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route B


Fenqihu Old Street | 奮起湖老街

Fenrui Historic Trail | 奮瑞古道

Duolin Station (1,516m) | 多林火車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Shizilu (1,534m) | 十字路車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route A

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route B

Pingzhena Station (1,711m) | 屏遮那車站


Erwanping Station (2,000m) | 二萬平車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Erwanping Scenic Area | 二萬坪風景區

Shenmu Station (2,138m) | 神木車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Ciyun Temple | 慈雲寺

Alishan Shouzhen Temple | 阿里山受鎮宮

Alishan Station (2,216m) | 阿里山車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route A

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route B

ALISHAN Trip: Cool Forests and Mountains

Alishan | 阿里山

Located in the eastern part of Chiayi County, the Alishan Forest Recreation Area is a famed high-mountain tourist destination. Its main distinctive features are its Chinese cypress forest, home to 1,000-year-old trees, and the only alpine railway in Taiwan. Must-do things for visitors are rising very early to view the magnificent sunrise and viewing the stunning “sea of clouds.” There are numerous trails in the area. One not to be missed is the Giant Tree Cluster Trail that can be walked after alighting at Shenme (“Sacred Tree”) Station.

Location: Alishan Township, Chiayi County

Zhaoping Station (2,274m) | 沼平車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Alishan Sakura Trail | 櫻之道

Alishan House | 阿里山賓館

Duigaoyue Station (2,405m) | 對高岳車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Zhushan Station (2,451m) | 祝山車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Zhushan Sunrise Observation Deck | 祝山觀日平臺

Xiaoliyuanshan (Mt. Ogasawara) Lookout | 小笠原山觀景台

Mountain Ali Tea No. 35 | 茶田35號

Chiayi HSR | 嘉義高鐵站

.[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Southern Branch of the NPM Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Alishan Route A

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Guanzihling Route

Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum | 故宮南院

The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum (NPM) is positioned as an “Asian art and culture museum” in contrast to Taipei’s NPM, which has a focus on Chinese artwork. The Southern Branch contains artworks and cultural relics from Taiwan and various Asian countries. The grounds of the Southern Branch cover an area of 20 hectares and include a scenic arched bridge, a lake, and a leisure area that you can stroll through after taking in the magnificent exhibits inside the museum.

Add: No. 888, Gugong Blvd., Taibao City, Chiayi County

Shuishang Station | 水上火車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Whiteman Toothpaste Tourism Factory | 白人牙膏觀光工廠

Nanjing Station | 南靖車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Guanzihling Route


Houbi Station | 水上車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Guanzihling Route

Houbi and Baihe

Tainan Biking — Lovely BAIHE Township

Xinying Station | 新營車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: The West Coast Expressway

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Ling Po-Guantian Line

Liuying Station | 柳營車站

Former Residence of Liu Qi-xiang | 劉啟祥美術紀念館(劉啟祥故居)

Linfengying Station | 林鳳營車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Orchid City | 蘭都觀光工廠

Longtian Station | 隆田車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Longtian Cha Cha Cultural Heritage Area:

Get off this station if you want to explore Tainan City’s Guantian District.
Read more about Guantian here: Walks on Tainan’s Natural Side

Longtian Distillery | 隆田酒廠

Balin Station | 拔林車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Shanhua Station | 善化車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Nanke Station | 南科車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch of National Museum of Prehistory | 國立臺灣史前文化博物館南科考古館

Tree Valley Life Science Museum | 樹谷生活科學館

Tainan Shan-Shang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum | 台南山上水道博物館

Xinshi Station | 新市車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Ling Po-Guantian Line

Yingxi Lake | 迎曦湖

Far East University | 遠東科技大學

Xinhua Old Street | 新化老街

Yongkang Station | 永康車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Yongkang Station is close to Xinhua District where you can visit the Hutoupi Scenic Area

National Museum of Taiwan History | 國立臺灣歷史博物館

Daqiao Station | 大橋車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Garden Night Market | 花園夜市

Tainan Station | 台南車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: 88 Tainan Loop Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: 99 Anping Taijiang Route

Tainan Park | 台南公園

National Cheng Kung University | 國立成功大學

TAINAN – A Taiwan Southern Jewel

Sleeping in Old TAINAN

The Great TAINAN Cultural-Creative Bloom


Spending Time in the OLD CITY of TAINAN

Things to do in TAINAN CITY

Tainan Streets and Alleys — Culture, Eating, Shopping

Old Neighborhood in TAINAN: 321 Art Alley Settlement

Bao’an Station | 保安車站

[Wikipedia Commonns]

Chimei Museum | 奇美博物館

Ten Drum Culture Village | 十鼓仁糖文創園區

Read an article about Ten Drum Culture Village here

Just Sleep Tainan Ten-Drum

Just Sleep Tainan Ten-Drum

Tainan Airport | 臺南航空站

Rende Station | 仁德車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Zhongzhou Station | 中洲車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Chang Jung Christian University Station | 長榮大學火車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Chang Jung Christian University | 長榮大學

Shalun Station | 沙崙車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Shalun is the station that connects the TRA with HSR Tainan Station.

Tainan HSR | 台南高鐵站

[Wikipedia Commons]

National Chiao Tung University Tainan Campus | 國立交通大學臺南校區


Dahu Station | 大湖火車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Dahu Night Market | 大湖夜市

Luzhu Station | 路竹車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Luzhu Night Market | 路竹夜市

Taiwan Soya Mixed-Meat Museum | 台灣滷味博物館

Gangshan Station | 岡山車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Gangshan Old Street | 岡山老街

Connection to KMRT Gangshan South Station | 南岡山站

Qiaotou Station | 橋頭車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Ten Drum Qiaotou Sugar Factory Park | 十鼓橋糖文創園區

Taiwan Sugar Museum | 台灣糖業博物館

Connection to KMRT Ciaotou Station

Qiaotou Old Street | 橋頭老街

Nanzi Station | 楠梓車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park | 高雄都會公園

Connection to KMRT Metropolitan Park Station

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology(Nanzih Campus) | 國立高雄科技大學 楠梓校區

Xinzuoying Station | 新左營車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Connection to Zuoying HSR Station

Connection to KMRT Xinzuoying Station

Kaohsiung Confucius Temple | 高雄左營孔子廟

Lotus Pond Scenic Area | 蓮池潭風景區

Shoushanguojia Natural Park | 壽山國家自然公園(半屏山園區)

Zuoying HSR | 新左營高鐵站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Kenting Express Line

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Dapeng Bay Liuqiu Route

Zuoying/Jiucheng Station | 左營/舊城車站

Lotus Pond Scenic Area | 蓮池潭

Fongyi Gate | 鳳山縣舊城 東門(鳳儀門)

Neiwei Station | 內惟車站

Museum of Fine Arts Station | 美術館車站

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts | 高雄市立美術館
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Gushan Station | 鼓山車站

Zhongdu Wetlands Park | 中都愛河濕地公園

Sankuaicuo Station | 三塊厝車站

Kaohsiung Station | 高雄車站

New station
Old station

Things to do in KAOHSIUNG City

Connection to the KMRT’s Red Line

Minzu Station | 民族車站

Science and Technology Museum Station | 科工館車站

National Science and Technology Museum | 國立科學工藝博物館

Zhengyi Station | 正義車站

Fengshan Station | 鳳山車站

Sightseeing in Kaohsiung’s FENGSHAN District

Zhonghua Street Night Market | 中華街觀光夜市

Houzhuang Station | 後庄車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Jiuqutang Station | 九曲堂車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Pineapple Factory | 臺灣鳳梨工場 (九曲堂泰芳商會鳳梨罐詰工場)


Liukuaicuo Station | 六塊厝車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Pingtung | 屏東車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Shen-Shan Route

Pingtung Night Market | 屏東觀光夜市

Guilai Station | 歸來車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Linluo | 麟洛車站

Xishi | 西勢車站

Zhutian | 竹田車站

Chaozhou Station | 潮州車站

Chaozhou Night Market | 潮州夜市

Kanding Station | 崁頂車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Nanzhou Station | 南州車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Zhen’an Station | 鎮安車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Linbian Station | 林邊車站

Dapeng Bay | 大鵬灣

This is a natural lagoon on the southwestern coast of Taiwan. The bridge that crosses the lagoon mouth is a beautiful and distinctive local landmark. It is the first scenic bridge in Taiwan that can be opened up to let ships pass. Dapeng Bay is rich in flora and fauna, making it an excellent choice for eco-tourism. Visitors can engage in sailing, kayaking, and other water sports here. Nearby Donggang Fishing Harbor is well-known for its blue-fin tuna, sakura shrimp, and oil fish roe. Don’t forget to enjoy some fresh seafood there.

Location: Donggang Township, Pingtung County

Jiadong Station | 佳冬車站

Donghai Station | 東海車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Fangliao Station | 枋寮車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Kenting Express Line

Jialu Station | 加祿車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Neishi Station | 內獅火車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Fangshan Station | 枋山車站


Dawu Station | 大武車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Longxi Station | 瀧溪車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Jinlun Station | 金崙車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taimaili Station | 太麻里站

Zhiben Station | 知本車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Kangle Station | 康樂車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taitung Station | 台東車站

Taitung Railway Station

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: East Rift Valley Line

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: East Coast Line Day Trip

Shanli Station | 山里車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Luye Station | 鹿野站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: East Rift Valley Line

Ruiyuan Station | 瑞源火車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Ruihe Station | 瑞和車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Guanshan Station | 關山車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Platform 1

Haiduan Station | 海端車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Chishang Station | 池上車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
View from the train

The Treasures of Southern Taiwan County

PAPAGO International Resort in Chishang


Fuli Station | 富里車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Fuli Station platform

Dongzhu Station | 東竹車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Dongli Station | 東里車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Yuli Station | 玉里車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Yuli Station platform

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yuchang Fengbin Line

East Rift Valley: RUISUI and YULI

Yufu Bikeway | 玉富自行車道

The 10 km-long Yufu Bikeway is the world’s only bikeway that crosses the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate via Yuli Bridge. It takes you from the town of Yuli to the old Dongli Station in Fuli. The bikeway provides vast open views, including rice fields. Easy to take and with beautiful views, Yufu Bikeway is not only suitable for families with children, but also ideal for those who need some gentle exercises. Its idyllic scenery changes by the season.

Location: Yuli and Fuli Township, Hualien County

Sanmin | 三民車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Ruisui Station | 瑞穗車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Ruisui Station platform

Fuyuan Station | 富源車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Fuyuan Station platform

Dafu Station | 大富車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Guangfu Station | 光復車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
View from the train

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Hualien Route

Wanrong Station | 萬榮車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Fenglin Station | 鳳林車站

Puyuma Express at Fenglin Station

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Hualien Route

Nanping Station | 南平車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Linrong Shin Kong Station | 林榮新光車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Fengtian Station | 豐田車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Shoufeng Station | 壽豐車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Shoufeng Station platform

Pinghe Station | 平和車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Liyu Lake | 鯉魚潭

Liyu Lake is about 30 minutes from downtown Hualien by car. It is eastern Taiwan’s largest lake, covering over 100 hectares. At the southern side of the lake is the Chinan Forest Recreation Area and a camping ground; on the eastern side is Mt. Liyu, a popular paragliding spot. The lake is circled by a dedicated bike path about five kilometers long. You can enjoy the lake scenery riding rented bicycles or go out on the lake in paddle boats.

Location: Shoufeng Township, Hualien County

Zhixue Station | 志學車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Ji’an Station | 吉安車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Hualien | 花蓮車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Hualien Station platform

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Hualien Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Taroko Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Huilan East Coastline

Taroko Gorge | 喔太魯閣

Taroko National Park is renowned the world over for its magnificent marble gorge, which has almost vertical walls. Featuring rock walls, cliffs, smaller gorges, winding tunnels, exposed rock strata, rivers, waterfalls, and other natural wonders, Taroko is one of the must-visit places for international visitors to Taiwan. Swallow Grotto and Tunnel of Nine Turns are amongst the most magnificent natural wonders of the gorge as well as its narrowest sections; paths have been built for visitors to enjoy the scenery to the fullest.
Location: Xincheng Township, Hualien County

Beipu Station | 北埔車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Jingmei Station | 景美車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Xincheng/Taroko Station | 新城車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Taroko Route

Chongde Station | 崇德車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Heren Station | 和仁車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Heping Station | 和平車站

[Wikipedia Commons]


Hanben Station | 漢本車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Wuta Station | 武塔車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Nan’ao Station | 南澳車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Dong’ao Station | 東澳車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Yongle Station | 永樂車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Suao Station | 蘇澳車站

Su’aoxin Station | 蘇澳新車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Xinma Station | 新馬車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Dongshan Station | 冬山車站

Luodong Station | 羅東車站

[Wikipedia Commons]
Luodong Station platform

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Dongshan River Route

National Center for Traditional Arts | 國立傳統藝術中心

This center has traditional Taiwanese culture as its theme and includes traditional buildings, crafts, and folk culture. It has also become a popular location for historical TV dramas and films. Performances can be enjoyed in the settlement area and at the waterside outdoor stage. In the food street area various tasty traditional Yilan snacks are served. Visitors love to browse through the dozens of craft shops. There also are boats with an old-time feel you can ride to enjoy the riverside scenery.

Add: No. 201, Sec. 2, Wubin Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County

Zhongli Station | 中里車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Erjie Station | 二結車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Master Guan’s Leisure Farm

Master Guan’s Leisure Farm

Yilan Station | 宜蘭車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Zhuangwei Dune Route

Sicheng Station | 四城車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Jiaoxi Station | 礁溪車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Jiaoxi | 礁溪

Jiaoxi Hot Spring is a popular tourist destination that visitors to Yilan should not miss. The spring water is sodium bicarbonate and the hot spring is one of the rare lowland hot springs in Taiwan. The water is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium and is famed for its skin care properties. Close to Jiaoxi Railway Station and the Jiaoxi bus station is Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park where you can enjoy a free hot-spring foot bath.

Location: Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Jiaoxi Route A

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Jiaoxi Route B

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route

No. 9 Hotel

No. 9 Hotel

Niutousi Buffalo Farm

Niutousi Buffalo Farm

Dingpu Station | 頂埔車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Toucheng Station | 頭城車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Zhuangwei Dune Route

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route

Gangkou Seine Fishing

Seine Fishing



Wai’ao Station | 外澳車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route

Guishan Station | 龜山車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route

Toucheng Farm

Cangjiu Winery

Cangjiu Winery

Fusen Satoyama

Fusen Satoyama

Daxi Station | 大溪車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route

Dali Station | 大里車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route

Shicheng Station | 石城車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Yilan and Northeast Coast Route


Fulong Station | 福隆車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus

Fullon Hotel Fulong

Fullon Hotel Fulong

Longmen Riverside Camping Resort

Longmen Riverside Camping Resort

Starry X Sky Art Vegan Village

Starry X Sky Art Vegan Village

Gongliao Station | 貢寮車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Shuangxi Station | 雙溪車站

Mudan Station | 牡丹車站

Sandiaoling Station | 三貂嶺車站

[Wikipedia Commons]


Dahua Station | 大華車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Shifen Station | 十分車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus (to Shifen)

Wanggu Station | 望古車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus(to Shifen)

Lingjiao Station | 嶺腳車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Pingxi Station | 平溪車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus(to Shifen)

Jingtong Station | 菁桐車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus(to Shifen)

Firefly Watching at Jingtong

Fireflies at Jingtong

Houtong Station | 猴硐車站

Ruifang Station | 瑞芳車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus



Haikeguan Station | 海科館車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Badouzi Station | 八斗子車站


Sijiaoting Station | 四腳亭車站

[Wikipedia Commons]


Nuannuan Station | 暖暖車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Badu Station | 八堵車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Sankeng Station | 三坑車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Keelung Station | 基隆車站

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle: Coastal Keelung Shuttle Bus


Qidu Station | 七堵車站

New station
Historic station

Baifu Station | 百福車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Wudu Station | 五堵車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Xizhi Station | 汐止車站

[Wikipedia Commons]

Xike Station | 汐科車站

[Wikipedia Commons]


Nangang Station [HSR] | 南港 [高鐵站]

[Wikipedia Commons]

Songshan Station [HSR] 松山 [高鐵站]

[Wikipedia Commons]

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