Accommodation, fine cuisine, hot-spring bathing, and recreational facilities

No. 9 Hotel is a hot-spring hotel located right in Jiaoxi Township’s tourist area. The main building was originally constructed by the Jiaoxi Township Office. Formerly used as a public facility, in 2013 its operation was taken over by the No. 9 Group. While the exterior design of the main building was maintained, the property was given a new loft industrial look. The hotel has standard guestrooms in Scandinavian and playful styles as well as an English-style Presidential Suite boasting a floor space of almost 100sqm. In addition to hot-spring accommodation, the hotel also has fine-cuisine restaurants, leisure facilities, and gift shops. Overall, it provides a convenient and safe environment for travelers!

Jiu-Ding Hot Pot Restaurants Serves “Qingshui Flavor Dishes”

Beside the hotel’s No. 9 Café at the Park coffee bar, there are hot-spring pools with tiny fish. When taking a foot bath, these hot-spring fish will nibble at your feet and eat dead skin, allowing the skin to better absorb the minerals in the hot-spring water. In addition to enjoying a soothing hot-spring foot bath, you can also experience the fun of shrimp fishing, taste freshly-brewed beer, and feast on stir-fried snacks.

Since No. 9 Group is also in charge of operating Yilan’s Qingshui Geothermal Park, the hotel’s Jiu-Ding Hot Pot restaurant on the basement level is offering “Qingshui Flavor Dishes” giving diners a taste of local hot-spring delicacies. These dishes include mushroom and pickled cucumber chicken soup, Japanese-style abalone, white shrimp with angelica and wolfberry, steamed fresh Neritic squid, grilled corn shoots, sweet corn, water bamboo shoots, Sanxing spring onion pancakes, unshelled peanuts, butter mushrooms, and brown rice tea. The ingredients are presented in their original shape, and you will be able to enjoy their full nutrition and flavor.

No. 9 Hotel (礁溪No.9溫泉旅店)
Add: 5F, No. 85, Wenquan Rd., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
Tel: (03) 988-9999

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