Rich Ecological Tours – Experience Nature and Rural Culture

On the premise of respecting the natural and ecological environment, Toucheng Leisure Farm constantly innovates and turns various resources of the farm into interesting learning activities, allowing visitors to experience nature and rural culture. Among the farm’s ecological experiences are rural kitchen, happy farm, promotion of environmental education, and long-stay. During the firefly season each year visitors are taken to spots where they can appreciate fireflies in their natural habitat. Providing a rich ecological environment and home-made delicious dishes, the farm is an excellent destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience life in the mountains.

New Farm Attraction: The Green Bar Restaurant

The 42-year-old Toucheng Leisure Farm has a new attraction! A space for storing tools and old objects was turned into a new dining space with large plants: Green Bar! From brunch to afternoon tea to a drink after dark, individual guests or groups of friends will enjoy this cozy setting. A wall of red bricks and concrete here is what remains of farm founder Zhuo Chen-ming’s original home. The exposed red bricks of the wall form the shape of Taiwan, making it a popular spot for taking photos. In addition to offering different themed DIY experiences based on the season, the restaurant’s dessert chef amazingly uses plants from the farm during special activities to create various special cakes. It is possible to reserve the whole space of the restaurant for three hours with room to accommodate up to 40 diners. Unlimited coffee, beverages, and two types of handmade cookies and cakes will be provided.

Toucheng Leisure Farm
No. 125-1, Gengxin Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Tel.: (03) 977-2222


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