Cang Jiu Winery

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No-menu Dishes Created Using Wine Fermentation Process

For a long time Toucheng Leisure Farm has been a popular tourist attraction in Yilan. The farm, known for its rich ecological environment and delicious home-made cuisine, opened Cang Jiu Winery in 2006. The winery uses pristine mountain spring water from the Xueshan (Snow Mountain) Range to produce fine wine and is the first green-concept operation of its kind in Yilan. During winemaking, the fermentation process is used to create exclusive no-menu dishes. During different stages of fermentation wine, vinegar, and jam are produced. Using locally-caught fresh fish and organic fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, special dishes are crafted with white wine orange vinegar, grape sauce, and fermented bread with wine lees.

Turtle Island Sunrise Kumquat Wine – Two Bottles Special Price: NT$1,100

Located close to the natural springs of the Xueshan Range, Cang Jiu Winery is the first winery in Taiwan to produce kumquat wine using a pure fruit wine making method. Turtle Island Sunrise Kumquat Wine was first introduced in 2012. Because of the early-morning sunshine over Turtle Island, the kumquat orchard of the winery produces rich harvests. The farm uses Xueshan spring water to make fruit wine with an alcohol content of 8%. It has a color that is as shining as the dawn sunlight, a full fruity aroma, and a refreshing, slightly sour taste. When cooled down to a temperature of 6-8 degrees Celsius it tastes even better. In 2021, the wine won a silver medal at the Vinalies® d’Argent wine competition held in Paris, France. Currently, the winery offers a discounted price of NT$1,100 for two bottles of Turtle Island Sunrise Kumquat Wine. When visiting Toucheng Leisure Farm, in addition to staying overnight surrounded by forest and tasting no-menu dishes, don’t forget to take home this mellow wine and reminisce the local culture of the Lanyang Plain.

Cang Jiu Winery
No. 126-50, Gengxin Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Tel: (03) 977-8555