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Tripod King

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The Top Choice for Hot Pot Lovers — When it’s cold, you want to eat hot pot!

Tripod King Spicy Hot Pot is very popular with local and foreign fans of spicy food. It has become a classic spicy hot pot restaurant operation in Taiwan. Korea’s pop group Super Junior for example will always go to one of the restaurants when visiting Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1991, Tripod King, known for its excellent flavors, has quickly become one of the best known hot pot providers in Taiwan. It is also a hot pot hot spot that many tourists from overseas regard as a must-visit place when coming to Taiwan.

“Spicy Hot Pot,” the most classic soup base of Tripod King, has a unique flavor and is special in that you can actually drink it. The signature duck blood tofu tastes smooth and delicious as well. With each bite the fresh and spicy soup will flow out. It’s best paired with the very delicious sour and sweet “fermented cabbage and white meat hot pot.”

The restaurant serves specially selected American top choice beef short ribs and Spanish Iberian tender pork shoulder. The pork is extra rich in fat ensuring that it is soft and delicious. The signature seafood and meat balls are kneaded by hand using a special method and include morsels such as scallops, shrimps, and squid. The fragrant balls have a smooth texture and are a favorite with gourmets. They are one of the must-order dishes of Tripod King.

Apply for a Tripod King Card to Accumulate Points

For each NT$500 spent card holders will receive one point. The highest reward for collected points is one serving of premium beef (original price NT$398). Those whose birthday is in the month of visiting one of the restaurants, will receive two points. If a guest visits the restaurant on his/her birthday, he/she will receive a free wolfberry and chrysanthemum drink.

Tripod King Spicy Hot Pot / Taipei Zhongxiao Branch
Add: 2F, No. 177, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an District, Taipei City
Tel: (02) 2779-0528
Hours: 11:30am~0:30am (last entry 12 midnight)

Tripod King Spicy Hot Pot / Taipei Ximending Chengdu Branch
Add: 2F, No. 152, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City
Tel: (02) 2381-6999
Hours: 11:30am~2am (last entry 1:30am)