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Tea Made with 100% Taiwan Tea Leaf

Zenique was founded in Taipei in 2006 with the mission of introducing the beauty of Taiwan to the world. By drinking Taiwanese tea you will be presented with infinite possibilities of exploration. Adhering to the brand spirit of “respect for nature, innovative design,” Zenique strictly uses selected tea cultivated in Taiwan. Accompanied by natural fragrances, such as jasmine, osmanthus, and rose, the tea is made using traditional processes and tea scenting. Even when brewed for a long time it does not turn bitter or astringent and the sweet fragrances are perfectly released. This way the most authentic and premium-quality tea can be enjoyed. Our products have received numerous international awards.
Let’s present to the world the beauty of Taiwan!

Zenique | Classic Tea Products Special Offers

From time to time Zenique presents special offers. If you choose more than one of our classic tea products you will enjoy a discount.
For more relaxation and enjoyment, make excellent tea exclusive from Taiwan part of your daily life!

Zenique – Yongkang Branch
Add: No. 7-1, Yongkang St., Da’an District, Taipei City
Tel: 02-3393-2198
Hours: 10:30am ~ 8:30pm

Zenique – Fujin Branch
Add: No. 463, Fujin St., Songshan District, Taipei City)
Tel: (02) 8772-8589
Hours: 11am ~ 8pm

Website: (Chinese)