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Jia Tien Sha

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Enjoy classic Taiwanese cuisine at Jia Tien Sha restaurant!

Prepared by a chef with forty years of experience, dishes such as Braised Pork Knuckle with Peanuts and Fried Eggs with Preserved Radish embody the spirit of Taiwanese cuisine. To make ordering convenient the menu has a range of set menu options. The restaurant is the best choice for visitors to Taiwan.

Authentic Taiwanese cuisine, classic set meal for 10 people, only NT$3,500+10%

Included in the set meal:
– Fried eggs with preserved radish
– Luffa and dried scallop
– Braised pork with bamboo shoots
– Boiled fish with chili sauce/Fresh seafood with chopped garlic/Sweet and sour striped bass (choose one of three)
– Kung Pao chicken/Salt-roasted matsu saka pork/Sliced Taiwanese salty chicken (choose one of three)
– Preserved duck egg with stinky tofu
– Fresh squid in three-cup sauce/Fried shrimp with Hong Kong style crispy garlic/Small fried fish with peanuts (choose one of three)
– Stir-fried tender beef with color pepper/Stir-fried sirloin with dried chili pepper/Chilled sliced beef and tendon (choose one of three)
– Fresh oyster in seasoned soy sauce
– Fish-flavored eggplant and glutinous rice
– Grilled chitterlings with tender scallions
– Seafood tofu soup/White gourd and clams soup/Scallop and chicken soup in clay pot (choose one of three)
– Specially made ice black tea (10 glasses)
– White rice/Sweet potato porridge (10 bowls) (choose one of two)

Reservation Hotline: (02) 2552-2205
Add: No. 287, Chang’an W. Rd. Taipei City
(台北市長安西路287號) (MRT Beimen Station Exit 3)

Website: (Chinese)