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Hsin Tung Yang

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Your top choice for gift purchases when visiting Taiwan: Hsin Tung Yan

Hsin Tung Yang Mung Bean Cake
This cake is made with specially added naturally extracted trehalose, which ensures a low sugar content and enhances the mung bean aroma at the same time. The mung bean cake does not only taste better, but it is also healthier.

Hsin Tung Yang Nougat
Nougat from Taipei is a gift item that has become popular all over the world. It is made with strictly selected Taiwan No. 12 peanuts or California almonds, large in size and full of aroma. The nougat is firm but soft at the same time. The nutty aroma and strong milky flavor blend harmoniously in your mouth. Flavors include butter peanuts, salty peanuts, original-flavor almonds, and mango-flavored almonds. It is a must-have snack for afternoon tea!

Hsin Tung Yang Pineapple Cake
Pineapple cake is one of Taiwan’s most representative souvenirs. The Taiwanese pronunciation of the name, onglai, has the auspicious meaning of “good luck.” Hsin Tung Yang Pineapple Cake is made with the Tainong No. 2 pineapple variety that is cultivated in Nantou County. You can taste the strong sour and sweet flavor of pineapple and its fiber. The shell is made with fresh eggs and high-quality butter imported from New Zealand and Australia. The proportion of milk and egg is just perfect and the cakes are baked at a temperature of 360 degrees Celsius, giving them their golden brown appearance. Biting through the crispy shell and then tasting its sweet and sour pineapple filling is an unforgettable delicious experience!

Exclusive Discount for Foreign Tourists

Foreign tourists who make a purchase of more than NT$1,000 enjoy a 5% discount upon showing their passports.
(The discount is not available for alcoholic beverages, abalone, and already discounted items.)

Hsin Tung Yang Zhongxiao 1st Branch
(新東陽 忠孝一店)

Tel: (02) 2752-8805
Add: No. 303, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei City
MRT Station: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Hours: 8:30am~10pm