Outside of Just Sleep Kaohsiung

Just Sleep Kaohsiung

On our last trip to Kaohsiung we spent one night in Just Sleep Kaohsiung, an excellent choice for business and leisure travelers.

Just Sleep, a young, growing Taiwan chain of moderately priced businessperson-oriented boutique hotels offering 5-star services and amenities, specializes in transforming middle-aged high-rises into bright, sparkling, stylishly modern accommodation facilities. While following a strict regime of standardized rules – the “mini-chain” has been introduced by the group that runs the upscale Regent Hotels & Resorts chain – individual owners are free to customize their properties to reflect their personalities.

At Just Sleep Kaohsiung Zhongzheng, the two major personal-touch themes are music and vegetarian food. In the lobby you’re met with Western piano music played “live” by a pianola. Classical Western music is played through the day in the comfy second-floor reading room, which can be seen from the lobby. Ease into the plush sofa seating and avail yourself of the library materials and free coffees, juices, and snacks. Adjoining this is the soundproofed music room, outfitted with sofa seating, high-end individual headphone/CD player sets, and hundreds of varied-genre CDs.

The Regent group has a reputation for first-rate food, and as evidence of the quality of Just Sleep Zhongzheng’s single restaurant, Double Veggie, management says about 80% of diners are non-guests. International cuisine with a mix of Southeast Asian and Italian condiments, spices, and seasonings is served. Note that meat selections are available at the breakfast buffet. (Rooms start at NT$2,800; free buffet breakfast.)

Standard guestroom of Just Sleep Kaohsiung

Standard guestroom

Bathroom of Just Sleep Kaohsiung


Family Room of Just Sleep Kaohsiung

Stuffed animals in the Family Room

Lounge of of Just Sleep Kaohsiung


Vegetarian restaurant of Just Sleep Kaohsiung

Vegetarian restaurant


Just Sleep Kaohsiung Zhongzheng


Add: No. 134, Zhongzheng 1st Rd., Lingya District, Kaohsiung City


Tel: (07) 972-3568

Website: www.justsleep.com.tw

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