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This part of the city has a large number of cafés and restaurants located in the many lanes and alleys off Xinyi Road.

Dou Pu Zi

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Dou Pu Zi
Tel: (02) 2701-6845
Add: No. 32, Lane 135, Sec. 1, Anhe Rd., Da’an District, Taipei City/Xinyi-Anhe Branch
Hours: 12 noon~9pm
Website: www.doupuzi.com.tw (Chinese)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/doupuzi

Ice in Wonderland

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Ice in Wonderland
Tel: (02) 2706-1257
Add: No. 56, Tonghua St., Daan Dist., Taipei City


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Tel: (02) 2709-8665
Add: No. 50, Tonghua St., Da’an District, Taipei City

Yupinyuan Ice Fire Tangyuan

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Whether it’s in soup or over ice, tangyuan, or glutinous-rice balls, are popular during the cold and hot seasons alike. Both options are available at Taipei’s Yupinyuan Ice Fire Tangyuan, located in the Tonghua Street Night Market, not far from Taipei 101. Offering both sweet and savory renditions of tangyuan, the variety of soups will have you coming back on repeat visits. The specialty here, however, is the Ice Fire Tangyuan. Peanut or sesame tangyuan are served piping hot on top of ice, which then hardens the balls. You can eat the tangyuan while still hot – revealing the tasty peanut- or sesame-paste centers – or wait until they harden. The shop and the night market, one of Taipei’s most popular, can be easily reached from MRT Xinyi Anhe Station.

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Ice fire tangyuan

Yupinyuan Ice Fire Tangyuan
Tel: 0955-861-816
Add: No. 31, Alley 50, Ln. 39, Tonghua St., Da’an District, Taipei City

Linjiang Street Night Market (臨江街夜市)

Also called Tonghua Night Market, the night market attracts streams of people who like to lose themselves in food treasure hunting. It is home to many renowned long-in-place eateries, such as “Hu Family Rice Noodle Soup,” “Scissors style Chicken Egg Cake,” and “Safflower Salt-Water Chicken.” If hankering for sweet things, try the delectable beancurd pudding or herbal jelly at “Aiyu Dream Travel Herbal Jelly.”

Linjiang Street Night Market

Luo Ji Xiao Chao
Tel: (02) 2708-1027
Add: No. 27, Aly 50, Ln. 39, Tonghua St., Taipei City (Tonghua Night Market)
Website: www.facebook.com/駱記小炒-252045181489159/

Liang Ji Lu Wei
Add: Aly 50, Ln. 39, Tonghua St., Taipei City (Tonghua Night Market)

Ya Kou Tien Hsiang Stinky Tofu
Tel: (02) 2704-0289
Add: No. 21, Linjiang St., Taipei City (Tonghua Street Night Market)
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/雅口天香臭豆腐/221421321232735

Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tangyuan
Add: No. 31, Aly 50, Ln. 39, Tonghua St., Taipei City (Tonghua Night Market)
Website: www.facebook.com/Ice.Fire.Dumpling/


To gain access to the bar, guests need to press this fire alarm button
Bartender Jon Snow preparing a cocktail
Cocktail made with brandy and black tea

Tel: (02) 2700-5000
Add: No. 5, Ln. 378, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City
( 台北市大安區信義路四段378巷5號)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PUN.TAIPEI

Soy Milk Shop
Jiang Yang Zi
No. 11, Ln. 300, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City
Read about the shop at:
Jaysun Eats Taipei

Coffee Place
Kōhī Bar
No. 18, Sec. 2, Anhe Rd., Da’an District, Taipei City
Read about the shop at:
A Style Alike