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Welcome to the Indigenous Tribes– You are cordially invited by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC!

To demonstrate the distinguishing characters and the tourism results of the indigenous tribes, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC, has been holding the Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival for seven consecutive years since 2014. This event not only helps the understanding of indigenous culture but also encourages the growth of tourism at the indigenous tribes. The “2020 Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival — Welcome to the Indigenous Tribes’’ will be held from the 18th through the 20th September at Warehouse No. 5 in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

Performance during the Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival press conference

This event is a collaboration of the Council of Indigenous Peoples; Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor; Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior; Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan; and a number of national scenic area administrations, including Tri-Mountain, East Coast, East Rift Valley, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Siraya, and Maolin.

Chou Ting-chang, Deputy Director General of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau during the press conference

With the theme of 2020 Year of Mountain Tourism, this event also showcases the distinguishing characters, art, and culture of sixteen indigenous tribes, focusing on the depth of indigenous culture and traditional arts developed from the roots. This event will help visitors get closer to the living experience of the indigenous peoples. Moreover, you can learn about how much fun it is to visit the tribes through simple activities and explanations.

This three-day carnival features many thematic areas such as indigenous food, handicraft ands arts experiences for parents and children, tribal villages and and tour route introduction, tribal souvenirs, tribal development achievements by government organizations, tribal itinerary planning and consultation, and exhibition of paintings from artist Chang Wen-Song, who has portrayed the details of the costumes of sixteen tribes.

Indigenous handicraft experience

Moreover, there will be many fun activities including tribal singing and dancing, collecting stamps for gifts and prize drawing. Last but not least, Atayal Taiwan First Nation M-yu Dancers, New Century Culture Arts Group, and singers Liang Wen-Ying and Lou Mei-Ling will perform live at the event. Visitors can learn the diverse charms of the indigenous peoples through paintings, songs and dances, food and arts.

Traditional indigenous food
Song and dance during a harvest festival by the Amis tribe

The tourism industry has been impacted by the global pandemic of Covid-19 this year. As the epidemic situation slows down in Taiwan, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has introduced subsidy measures for safe travels to boost the domestic tourism industry. The purpose of the 2020 Indigenous Tourism Carnival is to convey the beauty of the indigenous tribes for all visitors, hoping to encourage visits to the indigenous tribes. You’re cordially invited to the tribes to experience the culture, food, living, and nature there.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has made a special note that all epidemic prevention measures will be taken at the venue. Everyone is required to have their body temperature checked when entering the venue. Wearing facial masks and keeping a social distance are also required. There will also be a limit on the number of people entering the venue. These measures are to help everyone stay safe and have a good time while attending the fun activities.

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