Note: The order of appearance of the following festivals and events is according to the time of the year when they usually occur. Dates can change however over time. We try to update the info frequently, but some of it might be outdated. The year in the bracket […] indicates when the info was last updated.


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[2021] February ~ March / Around Taiwan

Lantern Festival Events

Among the numerous Lantern Festival events staged each year, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is the largest in scale and the most important. Each year a different city or county serves as host, the honors going to Hsinchu City in 2021. The cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung have their own grand annual Lantern Festival events. For the 2020 edition, the venues in Taipei were the Ximending/North Gate area in the city’s west and the area around Nangang Station in the east. The Kaohsiung event has traditionally been staged on the banks of the Love River, with lanterns displayed beside the riverside paths that are popular with romance-seeking visitors throughout the year. The small town of Yanshui (old name: Yuejin), in Tainan City, is best known for its annual beehive fireworks festival. The Yuejin Lantern Festival, lesser known but equally attractive, is a beautiful and much more peaceful affair. You can go on romantic walks through a park and marvel at colorful and beautifully shaped lanterns floating peacefully on the waters of the town’s river.

Taiwan Lantern Festival
[2023] February 1~14 | Taipei City

2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei

The “2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival” will be held in Taipei, 23 years after the last Taiwan Lantern Festival in the city. Venues for the event will be in Xinyi and and Daan districts, both well-developed commercial areas with a dense transportation network. The festival will last 19 days, from February 1st through 19th, 2023 (trial operation from February 1st to February 4th). Incorporated in the event will be the East District commercial area, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the Xinyi commercial area, Taipei City Hall, Taipei 101, Xinyi Assembly Hall (44 South Village), and National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. There will be four exhibition areas, with one main theme lantern and six side lanterns. On the main stage, located next to the main lantern area at ​​the National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, there will be performances from February 5th through 19th. A street parade will be held on the streets around the city hall in the afternoon of February 5th.

[2022] February 11~20 | Taipei City

Taipei Lantern Festival

[2021] February / New Taipei City

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Releasing paper lanterns into the sky is a very popular activity for tourists who visit the scenic Pingxi Valley in New Taipei City. While sky lanterns are released throughout the year, during the time of the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival (two weeks after the Lunar New Year) the atmosphere is especially enchanting. Thousands of revelers gather and hundreds of lanterns are released at the same time in succession, turning the night sky into a sea of orange lights. Write your wishes on your lantern and send it to the heavens!
New Taipei City Travel

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival
[2021] February / Tainan City

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

While the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is a very peaceful and heartwarming festival, the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival is definitely not. And it’s not meant to be. The origin of the beehive fireworks goes back to the late 19th century, when the people of the town of Yanshui were plagued by a cholera epidemic. Turning to the gods for help, they carried a palanquin with Guan Di, the God of War, through the streets and set off firecrackers to scare away the evil spirits responsible for the plague. This approach apparently worked, and the faithful people of Yanshui have been organizing the beehive fireworks event annually ever since.
Beehive Fireworks Festival

YANSHUI Beehive Rocket Festival in Tainan

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival (photo courtesy of Wu Temple)
[2021] February / Miaoli City

Miaoli Bombing the Dragon

This is another festive event organized during the time of the annual lantern festival period. It takes place at the Yuqing Temple in Miaoli City, and activities last from the first day of the lunar month to the 15th. The “bombing of the dragon” tradition (the “dragon” is a long paper dragon carried by several men) is carried out in several stages during this period: the creation of the dragon, painting its eyes (to bring it to life), welcoming of the dragon, walking with the dragon, and finally bombing it (setting off firecrackers around it and in the end burning it).
Miaoli Travel Net

Miaoli Bombing the Dragon
[2021] February / Taitung City

The Bombing Master Handan Celebration

Bombing Master Handan

Bombing Master Handan (photo courtesy of Taitung County Government)
[2021] February~March / Taipei City

Yangmingshan Flower Season

When the weather in northern Taiwan is at its coolest in February and March each year, the cherry trees of Yangmingshan National Park burst into bloom, bringing bright red and pink colors to the otherwise grayish-green mountainsides. Azaleas and camellias and a large bouquet of other flower types also join in the fun, to the delight of flower lovers, who flock to the park in large number. Among the favorite locations to enjoy the floral beauty are Yangming Park and the Floriculture Experiment Center.
Yangmingshan National Park

Blooming cherry tree
[2022] February 18 ~ 28 / Taipei City

Shilin Residence Tulip Show

Soon after Lunar New Year, the highly anticipated “Shilin Residence Tulip Festival” will take place. The festival showcases ​​flower beds with tulips from Japan and the Netherlands and decorative installation art. Visitors who enter the Shilin Residence park will soon enjoy the romantic atmosphere created by the tulip flowers. During the time of the festival, business in the area will present special offers. After enjoying the tulip show, try delicious food and enjoy a good time on a spring day.

[2020] February 22 ~ March 8 / Kaohsiung City

Song-Jiang Battle Array in Neimen, Kaohsiung

Not much of tourist interest goes on in Kaohsiung’s quiet rural district of Neimen for most of the year, but there is one exception, the annual Song-Jiang Battle Array event. This week-long festival, a mix of religious rituals and sports-like competition, brings together groups of young performers from around Taiwan, who converge on Neimen to show off their troupe-array martial-arts skills and compete against each other. The festival is a fantastic spectacle, packed with exciting and at times highly acrobatic performances that are accompanied by the sound of drums and other traditional instruments.
Neimen Song Jiang Battle Ritual (Chinese)

Young performer during the 2019 event


[2021] March / Tainan City

Taiwan International Orchid Show

Orchids have been cultivated in Taiwan for more than a hundred years, and over the last two decades the local production has been increased significantly, making the island one of the most important orchid exporters in the world. More than 90% of Taiwan-grown flowers shipped abroad are orchids, with moth orchids being the most important. This orchid show is not only an important event for international orchid buyers, but also a great exhibition of all types of orchids for the common flower lover.
Taiwan International Orchid Show

Beautiful orchid, cultivated in Taiwan
[2019] March 9 ~ April 15 / Chiayi County

Alishan Sakura Season

During February to April the Alishan Forest Recreation Area, a popular tourist attraction throughout the year, becomes even more attractive despite high-mountain winter weather that can be quite cold. The area boasts different types of cherry trees with slightly differing blooming times, including Formosan, Yoshino, Fuji, and Yaebenishidare cherry. The Yoshino cherry trees are the most numerous, and their large pink-petal blossoms are especially photogenic. Another treat for photographers is the old steam locomotives of the Alishan Forest Railway that can be seen running during this time of the year.
Alishan National Scenic Area

Alishan Forest Railway
[2019] March 17 / New Taipei City

New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon

This road race is different from the many other running events staged throughout the year in Taiwan in that it has been recognized as a Silver Label race by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). As such, the marathon has joined the ranks of elite road races around the world, and attracts a significant number of top marathon runners from abroad each year.
Wan Jin Shi Marathon

Start to the marathon in 2017
[2022] March 18 ~ April 24, May 20 ~ June 19 / Taipei City

Calla Lily and Hydrangea Festival

The residents of Taipei are blessed for having a magnificent national park right at their doorstep. In less than an hour you can get from the city center to the breezy mountains and deep forests of Yangmingshan by public transport and find yourself embraced by pristine nature. Part of the park is an agricultural area named Zhuzihu, sitting in the shadows of towering Mt. Datun. During spring and early summer two types of flowers, in succession, draw droves of visitors up to the fields of the area. First to bloom is the pure-white calla lily, and later comes the hydrangea, sporting shades of purple, blue, and pink. Part of the Zhuzihu experience is picking calla lilies yourself and sitting down in one of the restaurants to enjoy healthful meals made with local produce. (Chinese)

Hydrangea flowers in Zhuzihu
[2022] March 26 ~ May 8 / Yilan County

Yilan Green Expo

Yilan County, situated in the northeast corner of Taiwan, is known for its agriculture – mostly on the triangular-shaped Lanyang Plain – and its forest-covered mountain areas – encompassing most of its western and southern parts. It’s the perfect location for an exposition that highlights green tourism and protection of the natural environment. This expo is both an educational and fun affair, ideal for families with children, who will revel in adventurous activities such as ziplining, encounters with farm animals, and nature-themed DIY classes and games. (Yilan County Government)

Dongshan River EcoArk Park
[2022] March 26 ~ May 8 / Taipei City

Treasure Hill Light Festival

The Treasure Hill Light Festival is held annually from the last week in March to early May. Featured are 20-30 artworks and there is an opening-day market and related activities. In 2023, Treasure Hill will be seen as a theater with visitors being invited to become heroes. The way artworks will be displayed and how visitors will move about will differ from the festival format of the past, reshaping activities at Treasure Hill.


[2022] April ~ May / Around Taiwan

Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

The Hakka people in Taiwan, a Han Chinese minority group that immigrated to the island starting in the mid-17th century and often settled in hilly regions, especially those of northwest Taiwan, planted a large number of tung trees for commercial purposes during the Japanese colonial era (1895~1945). Today, the trees grow in the wild and, to the delight of hikers, bloom profusively in April and May, their snow-white blossoms covering tree branches and carpeting hiking trails. During the tung blossom season, numerous cultural events are held in celebration by Hakka communities in locations close to the forests. (Hakka Affairs Council)

Tung tree blossoms
[2020] April 5 ~ June 28 / Taipei City

Baosheng Cultural Festival

If you have time for just one temple visit during your next trip to Taipei, consider making it the Dalongdong Bao’an Temple. The main deity worshipped in this complex, which received a UNESCO Award for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2003, is the Baosheng Emperor, also known as the God of Medicine. The Baosheng Cultural Festival, held each year around the deity’s birthday (15th day of 3rd lunar month; April 7th this year), includes many interesting events and activities over a span of several weeks, including street parades and martial-arts performances.
Bao’an Temple

Street performance during the Baosheng Cultural Festival
[2022] April 8 ~ 17 / Pingtung County

Dapeng Bay Marine Festival

During this festival a variety of water-related activities and events are organized in Pingtung County’s Dapeng Bay area, including sailing competition on the waters of the bay. Other fun activities involve canoeing, dragon boat racing, stand-up paddling (SUP), jet skiing, and yachting. The event also features exhibitions promoting local industries such as agriculture, food, and tourism. (Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area)

Dapeng Bay in Pingtung County
[2022] April 15 ~ May 2 / Keelung City

Keelung Ciao

Dark, wet, industrial…this was the image of Keelung City in the past. In recent times this harbor city to the northeast of Taipei City has been changing. In the same vein as its larger counterpart in the south, Kaohsiung, the city is slowly reimagining itself as a center of culture, modernity, and refinement. Public art is a unique way to beautify a cityscape and open visitors’ eyes to lesser-known corners of an urban environment. Keelung Ciao, first held in 2015, has gradually been introducing art into Keelung, and by doing so introducing Keelung to visiting art lovers. The creations by local and foreign artists, sometimes placed in unusual spaces like on board a ship or inside an old shipyard, encourage you to explore and discover this history-rich city and its harbor area.

Art in Keelung (photo courtesy of Art Happening)

[2022] April 25 ~ June 30 / Penghu County

Penghu International Fireworks Festival

Each year in spring and early summer, the Penghu International Fireworks Festival gives travelers an additional incentive to visit the beautiful Penghu archipelago before the hot summer months begin. The venue is the harbor of Magong, Penghu’s only city. The reflections of the colorful fireworks on the waters of the harbor and the picturesque pedestrian Xiying Rainbow Bridge, plus live musical performances, make this evening extravaganza a highly memorable and romantic event. Shows take place Mondays and Thursdays. In addition, there will be one-off shows on Qimei Island (May 28), Wang’an Island (June 11), and Jibei Island (June 25). (Penghu National Scenic Area) (Penghu County Gov’t)

Fireworks over the Rainbow Bridge (Photo courtesy of Penghu County Govt.)


[2022] May ~ June / Pingtung County

Pingtung Bluefin Cultural Tuna Festival

For lovers of fresh seafood, the fishing-harbor town of Donggang in Pingtung County is a place not to be missed. The season for bluefin tuna is April to June, and during this time of the year you can not only sample the best and freshest of melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, but also enjoy a wide variety of cultural activities. Apart from tuna, Donggang is also famed for sakura prawns and oil fish roe. From the harbor, the mainland area of Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area can be reached by vehicle with a quick drive, and you can take a ferry to Little Liuqiu (Xiaoliuqiu) island, also part of the scenic area, which is known for its coral rock formations and sea turtles.

Website: (Dapeng Bay NSA)

Giant tuna caught (photo courtesy of Pingtung County Govt.)
[2022] May 6~15 / New Taipei City

Taiwan International Documentary Festival


[2022] May 8 / Taipei City

Eid al-Fitr in Taipei

Eid al-Fitr is one of the important festivals of Muslims. The Eid al-Fitr in Taipei is held by Taipei City Government to promote cultural exchange. Muslims and non-Muslim citizens are equally invited to Daan Forest Park to browse through a market, watch performances, and learn about each other’s lives, experiencing a face of Taipei that is friendly and diverse!

[2022] May 15~June 7 / Miaoli County

Miaoli Tongxiao Baishatun Gongtian Temple Mazu Festival

Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea, is worshipped in countless temples around Taiwan, and processions are held and pilgrimages made in her honor by tens of thousands of the faithful each year. While the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage in central Taiwan is better known, the Baishatun Mazu Pilgrimage from Baishatun Gongtian Temple on the Miaoli County coast to Beigang Chaotian Temple in Yunlin County (total route 400km) is equally impressive and vibrant, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. The pilgrimage takes 8 days to complete, with stops at many Mazu temples along the way where visitors can witness traditional rituals and street performances.

Website: (Baishatun Gongtian Temple)

Mazu statue (photo courtesy of Miaoli County Govt.)
[2018] May 26/27 / Pingtung County

Spring Wave Music & Arts Festival

After being staged the last two years at Taipei’s Dajia Riverside Park, this year the annual Spring Wave Music & Art Festival returns to Kenting National Park this year [2018] in the far south of Taiwan. The line-up of performers includes some of the big names of Taiwan’s pop and rock scenes, including Van Ness Wu, Sandee Chan, Miss Ko, MJ116, Julia Wu, Auntie Roxy, and Leon Zheng. Kenting National Park is a wonderful natural playground featuring sandy beaches, stretches of upraised coral-rock coastline, tropical forest, and a busy tourist-oriented village (Kending) offering scores of shops, restaurants, and hotels.
Spring Wave Music & Art Festival

[2020] May 30 ~ September 30 / New Taipei City

Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival

This is a very popular happening on a very popular beach on Taiwan’s Northeast Coast. The fine sand found at Fulong Beach is said to be perfect for creating sand castles, and that might explain why during each year’s festival incredible large, life-like, intricate, and highly creative sand sculptures wow the crowds. The themes in 2020 were in line with the year being the Year of Mountain Tourism and 2021 being the Year of Cycling in Taiwan. Expect to see large sculptures featuring high mountains and creations showing people exploring Taiwan on two wheels. Those concerned about strong sun exposure during daytime will be delighted to know that the sand sculptures can also be enjoyed in the evening, colorfully illuminated.
Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area

Fulong Beach with sand sculptures


[2023] June ~ December / Around Taiwan

Taiwan Cycling Festival

Bicycling has become hugely popular in Taiwan in recent years, and with a cycling environment that is constanly being improved around the island, the number of cycling enthusiasts is ever-growing. Staged annually since 2010, this festival brings bicycling fans together through a number of attractive events, among them the Taiwan KOM Challenge (this year taking place October 27), Formosa 900 (taking place November 11~19), and Come!Bikeday (November 11).


Taiwan KOM Challenge (©Taiwan Tourism Bureau)


Sun Moon Lake Cycling, Music & Fireworks Festival

This festival combines active fun (bicycling and road running) with passive enjoyments (music concerts and a fireworks show), all happening on the shores of Sun Moon Lake. The bicycling event, named Come!Bikeday, is a relaxed ride around the lake made by hundreds of cyclists, while the road run is a marathon race following the same route. The musical entertainment features popular, indigenous, and classical music. Accompanied by the classical music, the fireworks show lights up the lake with vibrant colors reflecting off the water’s surface.
Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

[2022] June 1~September 15 / Yilan County

Wu Sha Cultural Festival
吳沙藝文季 (Chinese)

[2022] June 3/ Changhua County

Lukang Dragon Boat Festival

One of the big three annual traditional festivals in Taiwan, the Dragon Boat Festival is best known for dragon-boat races. These are staged on rivers and lakes in more than a dozen locations around the island, including Taipei’s Keelung River and Kaohsiung’s Love River. In recent years the competition at Lukang, which takes place on the Fulu River, has emerged as perhaps the most attractive dragon-boat race event. Making it special is the fact that the races take place in the late afternoon and evening with boats, bridges, and riverbanks colorfully illuminated. Many of the town’s streets are also lavishly decorated for the occasion. Lukang is a history-rich old settlement, once a thriving saltwater port, that is great for nostalgia trips for those who want to experience the Taiwan of yesteryear.
Website: (Changhua Travel)

Dragon boat racing in Lukang
[2022] June 18 ~ 26 / Taoyuan City

Shihmen Reservoir Hot Air Balloon Carnival

Website: (Chinese)

[2022] June 21 ~ September 12 / Taitung County

Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival

This festival combines the beauty of Taiwan’s East Coast region with the beauty of outdoor installation art and music. Each year, the organizer invites artists from Taiwan and abroad to create installation artworks that blend nicely with the natural environment of the East Coast National Scenic Area. A central element of the festival is the romantic Moonlight Sea Concert series, featuring well-known musicians from around Taiwan. As the concerts are timed to coincide with days around the full moon, spectators can (weather permitting) see the moonrise and the moonlight reflection on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Moonlight Sea Concert shows in 2022: July 14/15, Aug. 13/14, Sept. 10/11/12.
Websites: (TEC Land Arts Festival), (East Coast National Scenic Area)

Moonlight Sea Concert (photo courtesy of East Coast NSA Admin.)
[2021] June 28 / Hualien County & Nantou County

Taiwan KOM – Summer

Who will be the King of the Mountains (KOM) in 2021? Or better, who will be the “kings,” because there will be more than one opportunity to snatch a winner’s crown in grueling bicycle races up steep mountain slopes this year. While the main Taiwan KOM Challenge bicycle race, from the Pacific shore in Hualien City to the dizzying central mountain heights at Wuling, the highest highway point in Taiwan, will take place at the end of October, additional KOM races have been added to the calendar. A spring race in late March and a summer race in late June, both following the same route as the main race, are giving ambitious riders even more opportunity to test their mettle. There are numerous other, less challenging, cycling events this year as well.
Taiwan Cyclist Federation (Chinese)
Taiwan Cycling Web (Chinese)

Bike riders on the way to Wuling
[2020] June 30 ~ September 30 / Matsu Islands

Glimmers in Matsu

Matsu National Scenic Area


[2020] July / New Taipei City

Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival

The second large summer event on Fulong Beach each year (for the first, see the Fulong Int’l Sand Sculpture Art Festival entry), this three-day music event allows you to sit in soft golden sand and listen to tunes by leading Taiwanese indie rock bands, pop bands, and DJs, as well as international acts. Last year there were more than 80 performances on three stages. Fulong can be easily reached by taking an eastbound train from Taipei. Apart from visiting the sand-sculpture and music festivals, many visitors will also go on bicycle rides through the old Caoling railway tunnel. Visiting Fulong can also be combined with exploration tours along the Northeast Coast, including visits to Bitou Cape and Nanya’s strange rock formations.
New Taipei City Travel

Outdoor MUSIC EVENTS Around Taiwan

Enjoying rock while sitting on the soft sand of Fulong Beach

[2022] July ~ August / Nantou County

Nantou Starry Night Festival

Each year from late July to late August a meteor shower known as Perseids can be seen in the clear night sky of central Taiwan’s Nantou County. It is one of three major meteor showers each year. The most spectular display can be seen around August 13, with up to 100 shooting stars per hour lighting up the night sky canvas. The best spots for watching this spectacle are conveniently reached locations with low light pollution such as Hehuanshan (Mt. Hehuan; certified as an International Dark Sky Space by the International Dark-Sky Association), Sun Moon Lake, and the forest areas of Xitou and Sanlinxi.

Website: (Nantou Travel)

Night sky over Mt. Hehuan (photo courtesy of Nantou County Govt.)
[2017] July ~ August 30 / Matsu Islands

Tern-Watching Tour, Matsu

The many uninhabited smaller islands and surrounding waters of the Matsu island group provide perfect nesting and feeding grounds for a large variety of seabirds. For bird lovers, the best time to go and see these birds, including the Bridled Tern, Black-napped Tern, Roseate Tern, Crested Tern, Black-tailed Tern, Reef Egret, and Fork-tailed Swift, is June through September. Boat trips to the islands are available from Fu’ao Harbor on the island of Nan’gan. There are no landings, and boats will keep a distance from the birds, so bringing binoculars and a telephoto lens for your camera is advisable.
Matsu National Scenic Area

Sea birds on a Matsu island
[2023] July 1 ~ August 20 / Taipei City

Dadaocheng Summer Festival

The annual Taipei Dadaocheng Fireworks Festival, previously held over one weekend, will this year take place over a 51-day period as the Dadaocheng Summer Festival. There will be a low-altitude fireworks display on Wednesday at 8:30pm and one grand fireworks show in the evening of August 20, two days before Lovers’ Day. The venues are Dadaocheng Wharf and Yanping Riverside Park, both on the eastern bank of the Tamsui River.


©Taipei City Govt.
[2022] July 2 ~ August 15 / Taitung County

Taiwan International Balloon Festival

This is one of the biggest and best tourism events during the summer months in Taiwan, and one of the top hot-air balloon festivals worldwide. The venue is the Luye Highland in Taitung County, about 20km north of Taitung City, a site with perfect conditions for air sports such as paragliding. The festival not only attracts tourists in large number, but also hot-air balloon pilots from abroad, who bring balloons of intriguing shapes and colors with them. For those who want to experience the sensation of slowly rising up into the sky, there are both tethered flights and free flights available, the first taking you about 20 meters off ground, the latter allowing you to fly, in much longer sessions, over the beautiful East Rift Valley countryside.

Official Website:

Balloon flying over the East Rift Valley (photo courtesy of Taitung County Govt.)
[2022] July 2~7 / Taipei City

Taipei International Book Exhibition

The Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) is an important annual event for publishing professionals and book lovers in Taiwan and throughout East Asia. Thousands of visitors come to explore the latest in the world of publishing. Each time one country is featured as the “Guest of Honor,” and this time France is the center of attention. After being realized as an online exhibition over the last two years because of the pandemic, the show is reverting back to its physical form in 2022, to the delight of book lovers looking forward to participation in the many events taking place at the Taipei World Trade Center.

Official website:

Book exhibition (photo courtesy of Taipei City Govt.)
[2022] July 2-August 31 / Tainan City

Salt and Sand Sculpture Art Festival

The well-known sand-sculpture festival at Fulong is not the only such festival in Taiwan. In the southwest of the island, in Tainan City, another annual festival is held that not only showcases sand sculptures but also works made with salt. The sand sculptures can be seen at Mashagou Beach, just to the north of Jiangjun Fishing Harbor. The salt sculptures are presented inside an exhibition hall at the Qigu Salt Mountain in Qigu District, a well-known tourist attraction that resembles a large snow-covered hill.
Southwest Coast National Scenic Area

Sand sculpture on Mashagou Beach
[2022] July 5 ~ October 30 / Kaohsiung City

Ice Festival

[2022] July 16 ~ August 13 / Kaohsiung City

Website: (Chinese)

[2022] July 16 ~ August 13 / Kaohsiung City

Kaohsiung Cijin Beer Carnival


[2020] July 18 ~ August 30 / Yilan County

Yilan International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival

Each year, when the summer gets intensely hot, this festival helps everyone, especially children, to cool down and have fun in a large pool-facility area. This event, taking place in Yilan County’s Dongshan Township, provides more than just refreshing water, water slides, and water cannon to play with. It is an international happening with many exciting stage performances by troupes from Taiwan and abroad presenting entertaining and educational shows. There is also a wide range of classes and DIY sessions available, giving children myriad opportunities to gain knowledge. Side activities include dragon-boat paddling, sailing, and kayaking on the Dongshan River, adjacent to the festival venue. In the evening you can watch a mesmerizing water and light show.
Yilan Int’l Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival

The festival draws a lot of people seeking to cool off and have fun
[2022] July 21~24 / Miaoli County

Earthfest 2022


[2022] July 23~24 / Taipei City

Tianmu Beer Festival

In order to showcase the characteristics of the Tianmu commercial area, the 2022 Tianmu Beer Festival is held July 8 through August 25, bringing together local businesses such as international restaurants and shops, department stores, and beer producers. Among the festival’s attractions are a special-theme market, stage performances, and five exclusive and limited beer product offerings. Presented in creative ways the festival’s aim is to attract more consumers to the Tianmu commercial area, creating business opportunities, raising the profile of the area, and leading to more prosperity overall.


[2019] August / Hualien and Taitung Counties

Amis Harvest Festival

Council of Indigenous Peoples

[2019] August~ September / Hualien County

Hualien Daylily Blooming Season

Among the most enchanting scenes of the East Rift Valley in eastern Taiwan are the fields of blooming daylilies in late summer/early autumn. There are two main areas where you can take in the floral beauty: Mt. Chike in Yuli Township and Sixty Stone Mountain in Fuli Township. Both mountain areas present visitors with amazing vistas over the East Rift Valley, the daylilies adding orange hues to the mountain slopes. Access to both locations is via steep and narrow roads; if you don’t have your own means of transport, note that shuttle-bus services are offered from central Yuli and Fuli during the blooming season.
East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Orange daylily field
[2023] July-August / Keelung City

Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival

This event, lasting a full month, is one of Taiwan’s major annual festivals. It takes place during the 7th lunar month (August 16~September 14 in 2023), referred to as “Ghost Month.” According to folk belief, at this time of year the gates separating the realms of the living and the dead open and ghosts return to wander the earth. In order to appease these wandering souls, lavish offerings are made in front of temples in the port city of Keelung and a plethora of rituals and ceremonies is celebrated. Among the numerous highlights of the festival are the Door-Opening Ceremony at Laodagong Temple on Day 1 and the Water Lantern Parade and Releasing of Water Lantern on Day 14 of the lunar month.

Website: (Keelung Travel)

Zhupu Altar in Keelung during the Ghost Festival (©Keelung City Govt.)
[2023] August 4~7 / Taipei City

Taiwan Culinary Exhibition

Each year, this exhibition held in the Taipei World Trade Center gives food lovers a comprehensive overview of what Taiwan’s culinary world has to offer, from simple night-market snack foods to exquisite 5-star hotel banquets. Visitors have the chance to sample-eat local specialties, enjoy entertaining stage performances, watch chefs demonstrating their cooking skills, marvel at food art, and also learn about cuisines from around the world.
Website: (Chinese)

(©Taiwan Visitors Association)
[2022] August 5~14 / Kaohsiung City

Creative Expo Taiwan

Since the Creative Expo Taiwan was first held in 2010, it has experienced exponential growth in the number of exhibitors, participating countries, and visitors, becoming one of Asia’s largest cultural and creative expos. Each year, the expo challenges the public and the cultural/creative community to stretch their imaginations and explore Taiwan’s culture. Activities include cross-disciplinary seminars and topic-based conferences. Design and branding are also discussed, as participants work to promote and broaden Taiwan’s cultural and creative soft power. This year, for the first time, the expo will be held in Kaohsiung City’s brand-new Kaohsiung Music Center.

Website: (official website); (Kaohsiung Music Center)

[2021] August 8 ~ September 6 / Yilan County

Toucheng “Qianggu” – Grappling with the Ghost Pole-Climbing Competition

Taking place at the end of the annual Ghost Festival period, the Toucheng “Qianggu” ghost-grappling competition is a fun event to watch – and to participate in (if you’re one of the brave local lads that take part). Groups of young men compete against each other climbing up greasy poles made of China fir, soaring 11m high, to reach a platform from which they climb 7-8m higher up on a bamboo trestlework to snatch the winner’s flag. The event at the town of Toucheng in Yilan County is the largest such competition in Taiwan. A similar pole-climbing challenge is held in Hengchun, Pingtung County, close to a well-known preserved section of the town’s old protective wall. Both events include many other cultural activities, such as religious ceremonies, cultural performances, and food markets.
Yilan County Government

Pole grappling in Yilan’s Toucheng Township (photo by Chen Zi-qing)
[2023] August 11 ~ October 15 / Taoyuan City

2023 Hakka Expo

The aim for this expo, with the theme “Travel to Tomorrow,” is highlighting the migrations of the Hakka people around world and creating a platform for international Hakka cultural exchange. The main element of the event will be showcasing the beauty of Hakka crafts, opera, literature, music, architecture, food, industries, people, and language in a comprehensive manner. Activities will be held in 10 exhibition halls, including the World Pavilion, all situated within Taoyuan’s newly developed Qingpu Special District centered around Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station.


[2017] August 12 ~ September 12 / Hsinchu County

National Yimin Festival

The ceremonies and other rituals of this Hakka festival take place during the seventh month of the lunar calendar in 15 village districts located in Taoyuan and Hsinchu, northwestern Taiwan. The festival, which is organized along with Ghost Festival traditions, commemorates the bravery of over 200 men who sacrificed their lives fighting against rebels in the late Qing dynasty. The brave men are revered as Yimin Ye in the temples of Hakka communities, the most important of which is Xinpu Yimin Temple. For visitors, the festival is a great occasion to see Hakka culture at its liveliest, with many exciting cultural performances taking place on the plaza in front of the temple in Xinpu.
Hsinchu County Government

Hakka people celebrating the Yimin Festival
[2019] August 15~16 / Pingtung County

Hengchun Pole Climb Festival

Like the Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival, this traditional event, which takes place in the southern Taiwan town of Hengchun in Pingtung County, is part of the annual Ghost Month activities. According to legend, the idea of climbing greasy poles came about in the late 19th century when the rich people of town thought about ways to avoid fights and injuries among the poor people who received their offerings. Today, climbing the poles is all about pride and team spirit, and the activity has become a great spectator event, drawing thousands of onlookers each year.

Pole climbing in Hengchun in 2018
[2022] August 19~28 / Taipei City

Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival – Bravo’s Water Park

The Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival – Bravo’s Water Park has been developed for many years. It has become a summer water recreation event eagerly awaited by parents and their kids. In 2023, the Bravo theme will be used again to provide safe and interesting water-fun facilities, interactive performances, breakout games, special market stalls, and guided tours about water resources. The park allows parents and children learn more about the water environment while playing during hot summer days, combining education with fun. Attracting many visitors, the park also brings economic benefits to the whole Gongguan commercial area.


[2023] September~December / Taipei City

Spend a Night at the Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building

Would you like to spend a night at Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building? Four years after this was made possible for visitors from abroad for the first time, the central government is now once again inviting interested foreigners to experience an overnight stay at this important and iconic building. As this is not your usual tourist accommodation, there is of course an application process to go through. Find all the relevant information on the official website below.


[2018] September / Around Taiwan

Taiwan Braised Pork on Rice Festival

If you want to eat like the locals in Taiwan, braised pork on rice is definitely a dish you should try on your next visit. This simple dish is widely available, from small eateries to big restaurants and from night-market stands to food courts in modern department stores and malls. Made with ground pork marinated and boiled in soy sauce, it is usually served in a small bowl. Other small dishes are also usually ordered to make a full meal. The goal behind this festival, held for the first time last year, is not only to promote the humble dish itself but also Taiwan’s local food culture. A group of Taiwan’s best eateries selling braised pork on rice in different variations is selected by the organizer, their chefs going on a tour of six cities to present their yummy creations to salivating crowds.

Braised pork on rice
[2022] September 4 / Nantou County

Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival

Sun Moon Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan, and one of the island’s best-known tourist destinations. Swimming in the lake is prohibited, but there is one major exception, the annual Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival. This swimming event was organized for the first time in 1981, with just 540 swimmers crossing the lake. In 2020, its 38th edition, a total of 21,800 swimmers took to the water to complete the 3km swim from Zhaowu Wharf on the northern shore of the lake to Ita Thao Wharf on its southeast side. Because of the global pandemic, the swim, which is not a competition but a relaxed affair with a party atmosphere, did not take place last year.

Websites: (Sun Moon Lake NSA); (Puli Four-season Swimming Association)

Cross-the-lake swim (photo by Chen He-lu)
[2022] September 17 / Yilan County

Taiwania Ultra Trail

This sporting event takes long-distance runners through the pristine forest along the usually off-limits Qilan Forestry Road in Yilan County. An official International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) event promoted by the government, it features runs over three distances (25, 50, and 100km) with top finishers receiving scores for the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) rankings. At an altitude of above 2,000 meters and with unpredictable weather (high chance of rain), it is regarded as a highly challenging competition. If you are not a long-distance runner, note that visiting part of the Qilan forest area (Divine Trees Garden) is possible via guided tours offered by the Lealea Makauy Ecological Park.

Websites: (Taipei Chinese Association of Ultrarunners), (Lealea Makauy Ecological Park)

Divine Trees Garden
[2020] September 27 ~ October 4 / New Taipei City

Yehliu Night Tours

2020 poster
[2023] September 29 ~ October 1 / Kaohsiung City

Meinong Canal Trip Arts Festival

This festival, a cooperation with the cities of Fukuoka and Gifu in Japan, showcases local characteristics with an international perspective. The traditional Hakka village of Meinong is lit up to bring international art to this rural area.

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