A Leisure Farm in Harmony with Nature

Fusen Satoyama is the first leisure farm in Taiwan named Satoyama (a place between the high mountains and the plains), which coexists in harmony with nature. It is centered on the goal of creating a meditative leisure space and tourism experience. Visitors can go on a “Guided Art Environment Tour” to get to know forest ecology and also experience five sets of life ritual performances, including the welcome performance “Breaking the Void” featuring drums and gongs and listening to the heavenly sound and resonance of a crystal bowl. Visitors can cleanse their minds with the “sounds of silence,” “the voice of their hearts,” and by “not saying anything.” With Turtle Island as background, you can admire the majestic mountains and ocean accompanied by the sound of drums. Finally, you can sit down in the “Eye of Satoyama” café and take in the magnificent view of Turtle Island and the Pacific Ocean.

“Return to the Mountains and Listen to Your Heart” Package — 1 Night, 3 Meals NT$9,000+10%

At present, the hotel promotes the “Return to the Mountains and Listen to Your Heart” package, which includes one overnight stay and three meals, plus the “Guided Art Environment Tour” and DIY experience activities. Guestrooms are painted in three sets of warm colors: ocean sky blue, forest grass green, and warm earth, and the wooden furniture further allows you to feel the tranquility and beauty of living in the forest. The hotel has invited famous Austrian chef Mr. Franz Huick to come to Taiwan. Together with Chef Zhang Jia-cheng he co-designed a dinner menu for exclusive guests, for which they received a Gold Medal at the Taiwan Top 10 Hot Springs Awards Ceremony in 2018. The menu features seasonal produce and local ingredients sourced in Yilan such as Dagang River shrimps, Yilan cherry duck breast, and Sanxing green onions, mustard oil, and vinegar. Assorted herbs are used to give the dishes extra special flavors.
DIY activities include potted plant arrangements using fern and weaving bracelets. Also offered are guided night tours during which you can marvel at a star-studded night sky.

Fusen Satoyama

Add: No. 205, Gengxin Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County
( 宜蘭縣頭城鎮更新路205號)
Tel: (03) 977-2168
Website: www.volandosatoyama.com

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