A Great International-standard Camping Site

The international-standard Longmen Riverside Camping Resort, located on the banks of the Shuangxi River, covers an area of ​​72 hectares. Apart from taking kayaking lessons and experiencing zip-lining down from a high tower, you can also go on bicycle rides here. The camping resort offers a variety of camping and accommodation, including wooden platforms, spaces for camping cars, car-and-wooden platform combo spaces, cabins, and larger wooden houses. While staying at Longmen you can go on themed tours along the Northeast Coast: Coastal exploration (Longdong and Yanliao), religion (Lingyu Mountain), fishing village (Daxi Fishing Port in Yilan County), and hiking (Caoling Historic Trail).

20% Discount on Accommodation/Camping from December to February Each Year

In addition to rental of basic equipment, the resort can also arrange/make reservations for meals, with prices ranging from NT$1,600 to NT$5500 per table/10 persons. From December to February each year, you can enjoy a 20% discount on accommodation/camping. Longmen Riverside Camping Resort can now also accommodate motorhomes, which have become quite popular in Taiwan in recent years. The Volkswagen T6.1 California Ontario 4-seater/Beach 4-seater and the IVECO camping van, sometimes described as a refined small mansion, which were introduced to Taiwan by Sunq RV, have wide and comfortable sleeping space. During the daytime they can be turned into living rooms with bathroom facilities and cooking equipment. Come and enjoy the pleasures of surf and turf at Longmen!

Longmen Riverside Camping Resort
Add: No. 100, Xinglong St., Fulong Village, Gongliao District, New Taipei City
Tel: (02) 249-91791
Website: www.lonmen.tw
Sunq RV website: www.sunq-rv.com.tw