Jiu Zhen Nan

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Rich Flavor. Rich Tradition. Handmade Taiwanese Pastries Since 1890

Founded in 1890, Jiu Zhen Nan Bakery has been dedicated to the continuation of centuries-old handmade cake making skills. The spirit and values of Han Pastry is expressed in the custom of presenting gifts with gift boxes created by Jiu Zhen Nan meant to touch the hearts of both the giver and the recipient. Jiu Zhen Nan promotes Taiwanese flavor and local characteristics all over the world. As a century-old brand the bakery has witnessed the passage of time. Whether you opt for a souvenir, a festival gift box, or an exquisite Chinese wedding cake, you can feel Jiu Zhen Nan’s emphasis on the cultural spirit of Chinese pastries. In recent years, thanks to enriching baking experience courses and interesting festival activities, memories of Taiwan’s culture have touched locals and foreigners alike, encouraging people to follow a life style that pays more attention to etiquette.

Discount for Foreigners Paying with VISA Card

[Exclusive for foreigners] Upon presenting your passport or Alien Residence Certificate and paying with a VISA card you will enjoy a 5% discount on gift options.


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