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High-quality aquatic products under the brand “Haiyan” are made with domestic aquatic product raw materials. The production process has to pass one of the following certification methods: CAS, HACCP, TQF, TAP, and ISO 22000. The products are carefully selected by experts who take into consideration the quality of ingredients, the packaging design, distribution channels, benefits to the economy, and usage in fine cuisine. These are exquisite products that stand out and represent the high standards of Taiwan’s aquatic products. Through integrated marketing campaigns these products are sold on the international market, helping to achieve the goal of developing a sustainable local fishery industry.

Stylish Domestic Aquatic Products – Certified to Put Consumers at Ease

During the 10th Aquatic Products Awards Ceremony held on August 16, among the award-winning products were a gift box series that fully demonstrates the characteristics of Donggang’s rich blue fin tuna harvest and a “blue crystal fresh shrimps” gift product with shrimps raised indoors using advanced water-circulation technology.

In addition, the judges also selected three innovative products, taking into consideration market demand and innovative manufacturing processes.These included:
1. A collagen ice drink full of flavor and texture that contains passion fruit juice and fish scale extract blended using the perfect right ratio.
2. A watermelon milkfish soup made from cultivated milkfish, bringing out the old flavor of Tainan and perfectly presenting the local cultural characteristics.
3. A gentian grouper porridge prepared by autoclaving, paired with extruded and granulated rice flour, retaining the dense texture of the grouper meat.

The exquisite gift box designs and innovative preparation methods allow consumers to enjoy delicious food without worries, the products making excellent gift choices.

This year’s award-winning products can be purchased at an event held on September 16 and 17 at the Big City department store (Central Square) in Hsinchu City.

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