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Water Buffalo Farm

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Continuing the Water Buffalo Culture

Niutousi is an educational-experience farm centered on Taiwan’s traditional water buffalo culture, providing experiences of getting close to and interacting with animals. You can feed grass to the water buffalos, comb them, and experience traditional activities in a rural village such as plowing with the water buffalos. In the summer you can even help washing them. The farm is perfect for families with kids. Through close interaction with the water buffalos, visitors will learn more about the animals and the land, and realize the importance of treating every living being kindly.

“Moo Moo Potted Plant DIY” Special Price NT$150

“Plowing Experience” – Lead the water buffalos to the field and experience plowing the soil. It’s not an easy job; it’s tiring but a whole lot of fun. Niutousi also provides numerous experience activities related to the recycling and utilization of cow dung. The “Cow Dung Fire Popcorn” experience introduces you the concept of drying cow dung cakes for burning, a practice in the rural areas in the old days. Experience what it’s like to make popcorn on a fire of burning cow dung. During the “Potted Plant DIY” activity you will learn how to use cow dung to make compost for potted plants. A variety of souvenirs are sold at the farm. The focus of the super popular product “Small Farm Mother’s Handmade Fermented Bean Curd” is on reducing salt and sodium and improving traditional tastes. The pineapple-flavored fermented bean curd has the most unique taste with a fruity aroma and is the most beloved by visitors!

Niutousi – Water Buffalo Farm
Add: No. 21, Lane 122, Sec. 1, Dafu Rd., Zhuangyuan Township, Yilan County
Tel: (03) 930-7707
Facebook: www.facebook.com/calfstirk2018/