Taiwan’s Only Double-SPA Resort Combining Rainforest and Hot Springs

Rarest and Most Precious Rainforest in North Taiwan

Exploring the natural forest of Great Roots

Exploring the natural forest of Great Roots

The Great Roots resort in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, is the only location in northern Taiwan with buttress-root rainforest, with many breathtaking grand specimens on display. The giant vines and towering trees have been spreading, outward and upward, century after century. The Great Roots rainforest, spanning about 20 hectares at medium-low altitude, is a veritable “secret treasure vault of tropical rainforest plant life.” Its rich trove of ecological variation makes it a rival to the deep high-altitude mountain stock found at Alishan. This unique gem highlights the great green beauty of The Great Roots, and at the same time is the only place of its kind in all Taiwan.

New Sanxia Landmark – The Great Roots Beauty Soaking‧Springs in the Forest

The Great Roots hot springs are a unique Sanxia phenomenon. The springs were successfully developed by an international mineral-spring exploration team, from a deep underground source, the filtering through multiple geo-formations generating ultra-pure waters. Stringent testing and certification in accordance with Japanese national standards has resulted in premium-quality colorless and odorless sodium bicarbonate saline spring waters.

Outdoor hot-spring pool

Outdoor hot-spring pool


The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort


Add: No. 80, Chajiao Borough, Sanxia Dist.,  New Taipei City


Tel: (02) 2674-9228


Spacious guestroom

Spacious guestroom

Cafe of the Resort

Cafe of the resort

Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort

Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort

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