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Fine Food at Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 1

Fill Your Belly with the Flavors of Taiwan and Satisfy Your Mind!

What is the deepest impression you have of Taiwanafter visiting? Is it the mountain and forest scenery, the history and culturehidden away in cities and towns, or the pure white sand beaches, the sun, andthe sea? Everyone has a beautiful image of Taiwan in their own mind. Aside fromthe lovely scenery, the food is what many people remember most fondly of theirvisit. The gateway to Taiwan, Taoyuan International Airport, has recentlybrought in popular Taiwanese restaurants and snacks to allow visitors to bringtheir stay in Taiwan to a perfect end. Just before leaving you can now enjoytasty dishes that you might have missed or that you simply can’t get enough of.

Honey Beer

Long-established Taiwanese beer company Sunmai’s innovative Honey Beer, former gold medal winner at the World Beer Cup, can now be enjoyed at Taoyuan International Airport. Local longan honey, produced each year over a short period of just 28 days, is paired with refreshing lager-style beer, every mouthful giving you the taste of honey and malt, with pleasing results.

Having a beer at SUNMAI BAR
Honey Lager beer

Location: SUNMAI BAR (Terminal 1 Boarding Gate Area B)

Danzai Noodles

Danzai noodles originated in Taiwan’s old capitalTainan and is one of the classic snack foods of Taiwan. The dish consists of abowl of clear, tasty, and sweet broth made by boiling pork bones for hourstogether with al dente oil noodles, fresh white shrimp, and crunchy beansprouts. The taste is simple but delicious. Danzai noodles is a traditionaltaste of Taiwan that should not be missed by passengers departing from Terminal1.

Danzai noodles

Location: Homee kitchen (Terminal 1 Area A and Area B)

Soy-Stewed Pork with Rice

One of the dishes of the common people in Taiwan, soy-stewed pork with rice comprises of pork belly boiled until very tender, Hakka-style pickled mustard greens, and soy-braised bamboo shoots served on a bed of white rice. It is so tasty that it will have you eating bowl after bowl.

Soy-stewed pork with rice

Location: Homee kitchen (Terminal 1 Area A and Area B)

Xiaolongbao (Steamed Dumplings)

Taiwanese food cannot be talked about withoutmentioning steamed dumplings. Located in Terminal 1, Bistro: D serves delicatethin-shell shrimp soup dumplings that fill the mouth with delicious soup atfirst bite. The dumplings are steamed to order and arrive at the table pipinghot. Be careful eating them so the hot soup inside the dumplings doesn’t scaldyour mouth!

Steamed dumplings

Location: Bistro: D (Terminal 1, Area A and Area B)

Original Flavor Pork Chop with Rice

Taiwanese deep-fried pork chop is also an authenticdish of the common people. A soy-braised pork chop is deep-fried until goldenand crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and paired with seasonalvegetables and classic sausage and shrimp roll. Served lunch-box style, porkchop with rice allows everyone to enjoy the most traditional Taiwanese homecooking in one go.

Pork chop rice lunch box

Location: Bistro: D (Terminal 1, Area A and Area B)

Free Samples of Food and Drink

At Taoyuan International Airport, quite a fewstores offer free samples of food and drink, for example, freshly bakedpineapple cake once in the morning and once in the evening, and alsoon-the-spot sampling of Taiwanese tea, allowing you to try some of the bestlocal products of Taiwan. These items make ideal gifts to take home for familyand friends.

Free tasting of Taiwanese tea
Preparing tea
Pineapple cake bakery