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When planning to stay in the coastal townships of Changbin and Chenggong, you have a wide range of unique homestay options where buildings seamlessly blend into the natural environment. One such place is the David SamStrong Villa in Chenggong. To get to the villa, tucked away behind trees in an area close to the coastal mountains, you have to take a small road that begins north of the 128km marker of the coastal highway. This is a very stylish and very warm place. Upon arrival you might well be greeted by the owner’s friendly dog on the villa’s gravel-filled driveway, and see one of his cats sauntering by.

David SamStrong Villa

The small gray-concrete semi-open building has two floors, and can be described as modern simplistic. The structure looks like several rectangular blocks stacked together, aligning imperfectly. Part of the first floor protrudes out into a decorative lawn area, while the second level has a large open space and an exterior staircase leading to the rooftop.

Open space on the second floor

There are just two bedrooms, both on the first floor, with floors of red and orange tiles and private patios.

Bedroom on the first floor

On the second floor is a spacious and well-equipped common room, with a large TV, surround-sound audio, a selection of books, and a fully-stacked kitchen complete with snacks and beverages.

Living room with kitchen

A sumptuous, lovely-arranged Western-style breakfast is served here in the morning. Tall windows allow natural sunlight to permeate the room.

Western-style breakfast

On the roof is a deck with unobstructed views of the ocean in the distance on one side and lush mountains, teeming with wildlife, on the other.

Roof deck with great views

The villa’s owner is a man from Taipei who served his military service in Dulan, a coastal town just 30 minutes to the south. After deciding that he preferred Taitung’s simple and relaxing coastal lifestyle to Taipei’s busy, cosmopolitan living, he purchased the land here a while back and worked with an architect to custom-design this villa. Since opening he has received a number of tourism awards and other laurels for his excellent service and facilities.

The villa can only be rented by one party (maximum four persons) at a time – meaning you have to rent the whole building – to ensure maximum privacy. If you only need one of the two guestrooms, however, you can rent the villa, minus one of the rooms, to save some money.

Room rates (weekdays) are NT$6,800 (4 persons/2 bedrooms), NT$4,200 (2 persons/1 bedroom), and NT$3,800 (1 person/1 bedroom).

Book a room

David SamStrong Villa (大尾山姆維拉)
Add: No. 134-7, Xiaoma Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County
Tel: 0920-572-179
Website: www.ds-villa.tw (Chinese)

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